After Facial Cosmetic Surgery: When Can I Wear Makeup?

At Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Terry Perkins does many facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, eye lifts, and rhinoplasty. Our patients always want to know when they can plan to return to work, return to their exercise routine, and “be seen” in public post surgery. What most people don’t initially ask about is when they can return to using makeup.

Although every person’s healing schedule may vary depending on their skin and their procedure, here is a general guide to when a person can start their makeup routine after facial cosmetic surgery: 
For a facelift, we recommend waiting 10 to 14 days before applying facial makeup or until incisions are closed and healed. Makeup can contaminate the wound and cause an unwanted infection. The application and removal of facial makeup, such as concealer, pressed powder, and tinted moisturizer, involves pressure and manipulation of the skin and may agitate the area(s) that are trying to heal. 
For rhinoplasty nasal surgery, although makeup can be worn immediately everywhere except the nose area, we recommend waiting three to seven days post surgery as there may be swelling around the nose area that may be tender to the application and removal of makeup. 
For eyelid lift surgery typically a patient can immediately wear makeup anywhere except the operated area.  Eye makeup can be worn again after two to three weeks post surgery.  
Although most patients have their favorite makeup brands, Dr. Perkins recommends Colorescience mineral makeup as a good option for post-surgical skin. Colorescience is made up of pure minerals with no added extras such as dyes, talcs, alcohols, mineral oils, or fragrances that may irritate the skin. Colorescience’s primer, “About Face”, is specially formulated to soothe, hydrate, and diminish the appearance of redness and irritation.  An extra bonus is that all Colorescience primers and mineral face powders have an SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Colorescience makeup is available at Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara.  
The above information is provided as a general timeframe for when wearing makeup can be resumed after cosmetic surgery.  As always, it may vary from person to person and we recommend consulting your doctor first. 
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