Americans Spent $12 Billion on Cosmetic Procedures Last Year

Last month my surgical office, Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, sent out a Press Release about how people are continuing to invest in themselves, even in the economic downturn that we find ourselves in. This is happening for many reasons – one reason that I hear (and read about online) stated again and again is that many believe appearing youthful plays a role in getting hired, or keeping their current job. Especially when someone is in a position to represent the company and meet clients face to face.

It is evident that more and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures – since 1997, cosmetic enhancements have increased an astounding 457 percent! Last year Americans spent almost $12 billion on procedures – not necessarily all surgeries. Many people choose non-surgical options for their facial rejuvenation such as fillers like Restylane or wrinkle-relaxers like Botox which gives them results without a long recovery period.
Cosmetic Surgery Center offers our patients many choices in facial and body rejuvenation. Some of our surgical procedures can be done safely and comfortably without general anesthesia – leading to a shorter recovery time. Cosmetic Surgery Center has offices in Santa Barbara and Oxnard and all surgeries are performed in a fully-accredited surgical suite in Santa Barbara.
If you are considering any plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures, call and make an appointment for a consultation – we thoroughly answer all your questions and explain all your options. We are experts in performing surgeries to give you a natural, non-operated look!
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