Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery: Facial Augmentation with Implants

If a person feels that one of their facial features is “weak” and thereby creating an imbalance in their appearance then facial augmentation with implants may be a good choice for them. Facial implants are popular because they are a more permanent option for aesthetic improvement (as opposed to dermal fillers) and because they come in many shapes and sizes or can be customizable to individually suit the person’s face.

At our Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center, we can use facial implants for all areas of the face.

Cheek Implants add volume and contouring to the cheek area that may have lost the curvature due to genetics, age or extreme weight loss. When fat is lost in the cheek area, the hollows in the under eye area and the nasolabial folds may become more pronounced, making a person appear tired or unhappy. Cheek implants restore the volume and give the overall face a “lift”.

Chin Implants are used to strengthen a chin that has a noticeably weak definition. An under-projected chin can make the nose and/or neck appear larger than they are. The proper size and shaped chin implant will re-create definition. As an extra bonus, we often hear patients say the newly defined chin makes them look like they have lost weight!

Nasal Implants can be used to elevate the nasal bridge and/or improve the tip. The implant can be custom-sized to best fit the person’s face and compliment the other features.

Mandibular Angle Implants are used to create a stronger and more defined jaw. This surgery is more common for men because a wider lower face is seen as desirable.

There are many surgical and non-invasive augmentation options and combinations that can be done to improve one’s appearance.

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Chin Augmentation Surgery by Dr. Perkins

Chin augmentation surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Center can be a wonderful anti-aging solution.

When the face ages, elasticity decreases and the soft tissue loses volume. For some, due to genetics or just because, the chin definition becomes noticeably softer. A “weak” – or under-projected – chin can make the nose and/or neck appear larger than they are and can make the overall facial features appear unbalanced. To solve this problem, a small implant can be used to re-create the definition that was once there.

The implant that we use is made from a soft silastic material that can be custom cut and shaped, without leakage, for each individual. The implant is placed in a pocket under the muscle so it is stable and can be removed, at a later date, if desired. The implant is well-tolerated and most patients say they forget that the implant is there.

Not all chins are “weak”. If the chin is too big, augmentation can be done by removing soft tissue or bone to reduce the chin.

Our chin augmentation patients are amazed at the change in their profile and the new relationship between their facial features. Many patients have also expressed that their newly defined chin makes them look like they have lost 10 pounds!

View our before and after chin surgery photos here.

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Chin Augmentation in Santa Barbara

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that involves using an implant to re-shape the chin area. Although it is rarely discussed in the news (nose jobs and breast implants seem to be the most talked about), a chin augmentation can have a dramatic effect on the appearance.

Most people seek chin surgery because they feel that they have “no” chin (also referred to as a “weak” chin) and that their chin blends into their neck, giving them less of a profile and/or the appearance of a bigger neck. Chin augmentation surgery is a great option because it changes the relationship of the chin to the rest of the facial features.

An implant is usually used to give the chin more definition. We use a soft-solid alloplastic implant that is well tolerated and, if ever desired, can be removed. The soft silastic material can be custom cut and shaped, without the possible complication of leakage, so the result will be natural. The implant is placed in a pocket under the muscle so it is stable and most people say that they forget the implant is even there.

Conversely, if a chin is too big, we can reduce it by removing soft tissue or bone.

Below is a before-and-after picture of a chin augmentation surgery in Santa Barbara that was done by me. View more chin surgery before-and-after pictures on our website.

Chin Surgery Patient of Terry J. Perkins, MD

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Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Chin Augmentation with Rhinoplasty

When people think of facial cosmetic surgery, they are usually envisioning face lifts and nose jobs (rhinoplasty), not chin augmentation. Perhaps it is because most people believe that a face lift or nose job surgery has the most impact in improving an appearance. While we agree that having a face lift or rhinoplasty can enhance a face, chin augmentation should not be dismissed.

People who are looking to balance their profile by refining their nose (whether it is reducing a bump, defining a bridge, or narrowing the tip) should also consider their chin and it’s overall affect on their profile. In fact, it is the neck, chin, and nose that work together to make an “aesthetically proportionate” face. So if a person has a nose job to reduce a bump and straighten a nose, but they still have a “weak” chin, then the likelihood of reaching the best aesthetic result is less than if they had augmented the chin as well.  Likewise, if the chin is too big, a person’s profile can also be disproportionate. 
How can a chin be augmented? For a “weak” chin, a small implant can be added that fits the point of the jaw. Dr. Perkins will use a soft-solid alloplastic implant so that it can be customized to distinctly fit the person it is being used on. The soft silastic material of the implant is well-tolerated, will not leak, and, if desired, can be removed. For a prominent chin, bone or soft tissue can be removed to make it proportionate with the nose and the neck. 
If you decide to have both a chin augmentation and rhinoplasty, it can be done simultaneously. You may save money (one procedure instead of two) and will only have one recovery time.
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Cosmetic Surgery For Men: New Trends

Today’s emphasis on appearance is at an all time high for both men and women. Many interactions – friendship, matchmaking, or professional – are conducted online, where a “profile picture” is a must and snapshots can easily be uploaded by oneself or friends on a daily basis. This, coupled with a competitive job market in a tight economy, is thought to be the catalyst for the rise in men seeking cosmetic surgery.

Much to many people’s relief, the male plastic surgery trend is not that of yesteryear where extreme face lifts left some patients with exaggerated expressions or a “wind-tunnel” look. Today’s men are seeking cosmetic surgery that will give them more facial definition, either to enhance features or create a more balanced appearance between features, and an end result that looks natural.

For example, instead of having drastic rhinoplasty that would noticeably reduce a big nose, a man may opt for a slight refinement of the nose (by shaving down the bone and cartilage) along with adding a chin implant to create a better balance between the two features. Men in their 30s and 40s are seeking a more subtle approach to cosmetic surgery with procedures that target specific concerns as opposed to having the entire face done.  One popular procedure is the neck lift because it brings out a more defined jawline and can give the man a more youthful look. If the neck skin is extra loose, which can happen even if the man is in shape, removing the excess skin and tightening the neckline may make him look like he has lost weight in addition to giving his face a more defined look.

Men who have had cosmetic surgery say they enjoy looking refreshed and even a few years younger without looking like they’ve had work “done”. A renewal of appearance often translates to higher self-confidence which can have an impact on many factors including work performance, friendships, relationships, and even “profile pictures”.

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Chin Augmentation: Cosmetic Surgery Highlight

It was reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that chin implant surgery was the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in 2011, up 71%, with over 20,000 people opting for the cosmetic surgery. People seek chin augmentation for different reasons. Chin implant patients are usually looking for more balance within their facial features because they feel their chin looks “weak” in comparison to their nose. Others want to sharpen their jawline which may have weaken or sagged with age. Nowadays, with chin implants on a sudden upswing, there may be more reasons than the above for wanting a “stronger” chin and experts say that may be due to technology.

These days most Americans have a computer in their home and many work with a computer on a daily basis. Computers make video chatting an easy way to conduct personal conversations and business meetings. People are allowed to not only see the person they are chatting with on their monitor but can also view themselves during the conversation. With the prevalence of being able to view one’s own image, not only on video chat but also in all the pictures snapped by friends and family and uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the need to be “camera ready” all the time is steadily rising. Those who seek chin implants often feel that their image on the computer looks unbalanced because of a saggy or double chin, or their features don’t look sharp because of a weak chin.

The other technology culprit people are pointing to is the constant use of smart phones. Constantly staring down at a smart phone, whether reading a text, answering an email message, or playing a game, shortens the neck muscles and increases the gravitational pull on the jowl area which can result in saggy jowls and double chins.

A chin implant can look very “natural” while still achieving a more balanced appearance. Dr. Perkins uses soft-solid alloplastic implants made of a soft silastic material that can be custom cut and shaped, without the possibility of leakage, to make the implant distinctly fit the person it is being used on. The alloplastic implants are well-tolerated and, if ever desired, reversible. Most patients say that pain is mild to moderate and easily controlled with oral medications. The patient will be place on antibiotics to prevent infection.

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