Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise Worldwide

At the annual IMCAS Aesthetic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology World Congress it was reported that the cosmetic surgery market worldwide grew by 8.3% in 2016 with about $8.9 billion spent on cosmetic surgery procedures and non-invasive aesthetic treatments. The prediction for 2017 and beyond is that the number will keep growing.

The trend towards people wanting to “look their best” is due to many factors, but what we commonly hear in our Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery office is:

  • I want to look the age that I feel.
  • My face reflects a look that says sad/tired/upset/unhappy when I’m not.
  • I need to look younger because the job market is competitive.

Cosmetic surgery is also on the rise because techniques have far advanced since surgeries of a few decades ago which means less downtime and better results. Also, there are many minimally-invasive plastic surgery options available that are less expensive with a shorter recovery time that give a nice, natural result. In addition to better surgery procedures, many patients are surprised that all of our cosmetic surgeries can be performed without going under general anesthesia. We use a combination of local anesthesia and oral sedation alone, or in combination with intravenous sedation that provides relaxation and amnesia.

If you are interested in turning back the clock and desire a natural, rested, “non-operated” look, call our office (805-563-0000) to schedule a consultation today. We specialize in facial rejuvenation and liposuction body contouring.

Santa Barbara Skin Resurfacing: Chemabrasion – Cosmetic Surgery Corner

If you are like most Santa Barbara locals, you have been getting ready for beach time, pool parties, and taking pictures to capture all the memories with your family and friends. But are your wrinkles, skin discoloration or acne scarring making you feel camera shy? Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins offers Chemabrasion as a solution to helping you achieve a more even complexion, tighter skin, and lessen the severity of wrinkles and acne scarring on your face.

Chemabrasion (Skin Resurfacing)
Chemabrasion Skin Resurfacing in Santa BarbaraChembrasion is a skin resurfacing treatment that will give you optimum results for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. Chemabrasion combines a medium depth peel with a light to medium dermabrasion. Downtime is usually 5 to 9 days (more for deep wrinkles or acne pits) and patients often see some degree of skin tightening too, so early jowling/sagging or skin laxity is also improved.

Chemabrasion is skin resurfacing for aging faces that addresses wrinkles, sun damage and uneven pigmentation. Watch this video below to meet Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins and to schedule a chemabrasion consultation with him, you can call the Santa Barbara office at 805-563-0000.

Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Upper Body Liposuction & Tummy Tucks

Have you reached your goal weight – or are almost at it – but feel frustrated with excess skin and/or pudgy areas that won’t budge? You are not alone. Many of our patients seek out liposuction to address stubborn areas such as the thighs, hips, abdomen, and arms. This blog post is about upper body liposuction for the arms and tummy tucks for the abdomen – you can read about lower body liposuction for the thighs and legs here.

Upper Arm Liposuction (Brachioplasty)

For some people, countless pushups, tricep exercises, and planks can’t get rid of the localized fat and excess skin in the upper arms. This is often referred to as a “bat wing”. If fat is the main issue, it usually can be treated with liposuction and the skin will contract after the removal. If the skin is too loose (which can happen with a large amount of weight loss or with loss of skin elasticity as we age), a skin removal excision can be done. Incisions will be inside the arm and above the elbow and will not be visible from the front or the back. If only a small amount of skin is removed, the removal can be confined to or near the armpit so there is minimal or no scar visibility.

Abdominal Liposuction and Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

After childbirth, many people find that their stomach and flank area is not the same. If you’ve got “bulges” in the abdomen area that won’t budget (despite healthy eating and regular exercise) then you are a good candidate for abdominal liposuction. Small incisions are made under the navel, pubic hair, or  under the bikini line and are easily hidden.

If you have some excess abdominal skin, you and Dr. Perkins may elect to do a “Mini Tummy Tuck“. The excision will lie at the upper edge of the pubic hair and will be hidden under bathing suit bottoms or underwear.

If you have a greater amount of excess abdominal skin, a regular “Tummy Tuck” may be desired. This involves the full abdomen and making an incision that is slightly longer than a C-section. The abdominal muscles are tightened and detachment and repositioning of the belly button allow the tissues to shift. The end result is usually more definition of the waist and a flatter, tighter abdomen.

It is important to remember that liposuction at Santa Barbara’s Cosmetic Surgery Center is considered a body contouring procedure and not a weight loss solution.

For a consultation about liposuction or tummy tucks with Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins, please call 805-563-0000. 

Chin Augmentation: Cosmetic Surgery Highlight

It was reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that chin implant surgery was the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in 2011, up 71%, with over 20,000 people opting for the cosmetic surgery. People seek chin augmentation for different reasons. Chin implant patients are usually looking for more balance within their facial features because they feel their chin looks “weak” in comparison to their nose. Others want to sharpen their jawline which may have weaken or sagged with age. Nowadays, with chin implants on a sudden upswing, there may be more reasons than the above for wanting a “stronger” chin and experts say that may be due to technology.

These days most Americans have a computer in their home and many work with a computer on a daily basis. Computers make video chatting an easy way to conduct personal conversations and business meetings. People are allowed to not only see the person they are chatting with on their monitor but can also view themselves during the conversation. With the prevalence of being able to view one’s own image, not only on video chat but also in all the pictures snapped by friends and family and uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the need to be “camera ready” all the time is steadily rising. Those who seek chin implants often feel that their image on the computer looks unbalanced because of a saggy or double chin, or their features don’t look sharp because of a weak chin.

The other technology culprit people are pointing to is the constant use of smart phones. Constantly staring down at a smart phone, whether reading a text, answering an email message, or playing a game, shortens the neck muscles and increases the gravitational pull on the jowl area which can result in saggy jowls and double chins.

A chin implant can look very “natural” while still achieving a more balanced appearance. Dr. Perkins uses soft-solid alloplastic implants made of a soft silastic material that can be custom cut and shaped, without the possibility of leakage, to make the implant distinctly fit the person it is being used on. The alloplastic implants are well-tolerated and, if ever desired, reversible. Most patients say that pain is mild to moderate and easily controlled with oral medications. The patient will be place on antibiotics to prevent infection.

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Santa Barbara Facelift: Cosmetic Surgery Highlight

If you feel that skin laxity in the cheek and neck are bringing you down (literally and figuratively), then a facelift surgery by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins may be a good option for you.  A facelift is comprised of a cheek and neck lift and it can restore a youthful appearance by returning fullness to the cheeks, lifting the jowls and smoothing the neck.  For some people, mid-facial implants may be a further possibility to add balance and fullness to the cheeks.

What happens during a facelift? 
Dr. Perkins will reposition, refine, tighten, and support deep tissue in the midfacial and jowl area to rejuvenate your appearance.  The “turkey” neck bands will be sutured to provide a continuous sling of muscle support and a suspension suture is often place beneath the jawline for additional long-term benefit. The result will be a natural, rested appearance with an improvement in facial contours and tightened skin.

Does the facelift have to be done under general anesthesia?
At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara a facelift does not need to be done under general anesthesia. A combination of local anesthesia, oral and intravenous sedation will provide relaxation and lack of awareness throughout the procedure.

Will the facelift leave visible scars?
A facelift by Dr. Perkins will not leave visible scars. The incisions are carefully hidden within the natural creases and contours of the ears and hair (and the hair does not need to be shaved).

What is the recovery time for a facelift?
An elastic support is worn for approximately 5 days after the surgery and pain is usually minimal and can be controlled with an over-the-counter medicine (ibuprofen or Tylenol). Most people return to work after 8 to 10 days depending upon the type of work a person does. Exercise will be gradually increased, as tolerated, through the first few weeks as healing progresses.  Make-up may be worn at 5 to 7 days. Coloring hair should be avoided for 4 weeks.

Below is a before-and-after picture of a facelift by Dr. Perkins:

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Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Forehead Lift Surgery

Do you look in the mirror and feel surprised at the person staring back at you? You may feel young and happy, but your reflection may show a face that looks unhappy and tired. As most people age, the forehead relaxes downward, causing the eyebrows to flatten and crowd the upper eyelids, resulting in a drawn or upset appearance. Forehead wrinkles, in addition to a drooping forehead, may leave you looking ten years older than you feel.

One way to restore a more youthful appearance is through a Forehead Lift. At Cosmetic Surgery Center, Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins prefers to use a conservative approach when he shifts the tissues upward allowing for a natural, alert, and rested (but not “surprised”) look.
The Forehead Lift surgery has multiple benefits including raising the eyebrows to their normal position, tightening of the temporal area to improve “crow’s feet” around the eyes, smoothing of the horizontal forehead lines, and softening of the frown lines between the eyebrows. An additional benefit to a forehead lift is the opening up of the eyes.
Surgery does not need to be done under general anesthesia. It can be done with oral sedation alone, or in combination with intravenous sedation. During the surgery, three small incisions are hidden in the hair (the hair does not need to be shaved) to allow access to the muscles that cause frowning. Partial removal of these muscles causes permanent weakening to the muscle while retaining some function for normal expression. The forehead tissues are shifted upward and held in place with dissolvable sutures while healing fixes the forehead in the desired position. A light compression dressing is used during early healing to keep swelling and bruising to a minimum.
Pain is usually minimal and easily controlled with Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Most people return to work in five to seven days. Walking may be started right away and activities will be gradually increased over the next three weeks, as tolerated.
The person featured in the before-and-after pictures above is an actual patient of Dr. Perkins. See additional Forehead Lift Before-and-After Pictures on his website.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Perkins, please call 805.563.0000. 

Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Body Contouring Liposuction in Santa Barbara

Have you exercised and eaten well all winter to look good for Spring and Summer but still have areas on your body that you are just not satisfied with? For some people, certain areas of the body and face are resistant to diet and exercise. You are not alone! The good news is that body contouring through liposuction is extremely effective to get rid of those unwanted bulges.

Liposuction is not a remedy for weight loss, instead it is very effective for spot reduction. At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, Dr. Perkins often treats the abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), inner thighs, outer thighs (“saddle bags”), knees, arms, and the lower face/neck area. With liposuction by Dr. Perkins there is no need to worry about scars from the surgery. Incisions are small and hidden in natural creases such as the belly button and within the hair area and are normally closed with one or two stitches.
Our patients comfort level is one of our primary concerns during and after the surgery. Liposuction is done under a combination of oral and intravenous sedation that keeps the patient comfortable and unaware and does not leave them with a “hangover” that often occurs when general anesthesia is used.
For most people, pain is minimal after liposuction and can be controlled with over-the-counter medication. A person can return to work anywhere between two to seven days, depending upon how strenuous your job is.
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The Difference Between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

The term “plastic surgery” is the most commonly used phrase to describe elective surgical aesthetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose jobs), breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. The term “cosmetic surgery” is less commonly used and some people think that “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” are interchangeable terms when, in actuality, they are refer to two different categories of surgery.


Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth
disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the
body and is reconstructive in nature.
Cosmetic surgery is dedicated to enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck and body. Cosmetic surgery is elective, whereas, for some, plastic surgery (that is reconstructive) is done out of necessity.
Dr. Terry Perkins is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon in Santa Barbara. Dr. Perkins has been performing cosmetic surgeries for over 30 years and specializes in giving patients an end result that looks natural and rested and not “over done”.
Dr. Perkins performs facial rejuvenation surgeries at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara such as face lifts, forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, chin surgery, and neck lift surgery to address aging face issues. He also performs nose surgery (rhinoplasty) and ear pinning surgery (otoplasty) to help appearance or function (in regards to the nasal surgery).
Body contouring through liposuction and, if needed, surgery can also be done by Dr. Perkins. Liposuction can be performed on the arms, abdomen and flanks, hips and legs (most commonly the inner and outer thigh areas).
For some patients, the hardest part about cosmetic surgery is scheduling the first consultation. Dr. Perkins makes it a priority to educate his clients on their options so that they will feel confident in the cosmetic surgery choices they make. Dr. Perkins shares with you how a consultation may go in his office:
Dr. Perkins can help you look your best – naturally! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Perkins by calling 805.563.0000. 

Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Corner: Chemabrasion – Skin Resurfacing

For November, Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara is highlighting chemabrasion. If you are in search of skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction, and looking for optimum results, you’ll find one of the best treatments in the operating room called chemabrasion. Chemabrasion combines a medium depth peel with a light to medium dermabrasion. Downtime is usually 5 to 9 days (more for deep wrinkles or acne pits) and patients often see some degree of skin tightening too, so early jowling/sagging or skin laxity is also improved. Chemabrasion is skin resurfacing for aging faces that addresses wrinkles, sun damage and uneven pigmentation. Schedule a chemabrasion consultation with Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins at 805.563.0000.