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Dr. Terry J. Perkins has been practicing cosmetic surgery in Santa Barbara for more than three decades. He specializes in facial rejuvenation including facelifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasty nose surgery, and much more. He also does body contouring through liposuction.

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Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Procedures Guide

As a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon, I have watched aesthetic procedures (like Botox and dermal fillers) rapidly evolve in the last decade that offer men and women anti-aging options that can be done in an office visit with little to no downtime. These procedures can complement or supplement cosmetic surgery procedures (such as Facelifts and Neck Lifts) but knowing what procedure may be right for a person, and when to have it done, can be confusing.

With the understanding that everyone ages differently, I will present a loose guideline of when a person may want to consider anti-aging treatments and/or cosmetic surgery to keep a youthful appearance and/or to rejuvenate their look.

The 30’s
Wrinkles on your forehead and/or around the eyes (crow’s feet) may suddenly be more prominent when a person hits their 30’s although facial volume has probably not diminished (at least visibly). The one aesthetic treatment to consider in the 30’s is Botox or Dysport. This treatment temporarily relaxes the frown lines and wrinkles to give you a more rejuvenated appearance. Cumulative use of Botox or Dysport may actually minimize muscle activity in the area, thereby slowing the onset of wrinkles and fine lines in future decades.

The 40’s and 50’s 
Visible signs of aging in the face, such as thinning and/or sagging skin, a hollowness under the eyes, and overall loss of plumpness really shows up in the 40’s. This happens because the rate of breakdown for collagen and elastin significantly increases after the age of 40. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse, can effectively replace natural volume and fullness as well as correct skin imperfections like wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scares. A dermal filler treatment is an injectable treatment that shows immediate results and can last 6 to 12 months (depending upon the type of filler used).

Another issue that people notice in their late 40s is that the eyelids may start drooping, making the eyes look hooded which can make a person appear tired or angry. Bags and hollowness may become a permanent part of the under eye area. This is a good time to consider Eyelid Lift Surgery, which can be done on both the upper and lower lids (if need be), to remove excess skin and “re-open” the eyes to the world.

Sometimes, however, it is not the upper eyelids that are causing a heaviness. The forehead tissue may have relaxed so much that it is impacting the upper eyelids (and, hence, impacting the eyes). Forehead Lift surgery may be taken into consideration. This surgery repositions the forehead and brow upward to open up the eyes and smooth the brow area. Furthermore, frown lines can be minimized with the use of Botox or Dysport.

The 50s is when most people usually consider Facelift surgery.  The surgery addresses the skin laxity in the cheek and neck area. If the skin laxity does not warrant surgery (or the person is not interested in surgery at the time) there are non-invasive treatments such as Skin Tightening that use the latest technologies to tone, lift, and tighten the skin. The protocol for Total Tightening – a skin tightening treatment – is exclusive to my Santa Barbara medical spa.

The late 50’s and Beyond
By the late 50’s and beyond, many people are interested in addressing their neck contour. Sagging skin and fat accumulation can become very prominent and “age” a person dramatically. Neck Lift surgery will re-create long-lasting support for the neck area and give the person’s profile and appearance a boost. The  results will look natural and not “done”.

If a person has had a facelift or other facial rejuvenation surgeries, I recommend maintenance treatments such as Botox or Dysport, dermal fillers, and laser treatments to prolong the results.

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Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Keeps You Looking Good

Many of my Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery clients who are in their “golden years” have the same goal for the outcome of their surgery. They want to “look good”, which does not necessarily mean that they want to look like they are 25 again. They simply want to look naturally refreshed and well-rested, which is a very realistic goal.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, I have been performing cosmetic surgery, specializing in facial rejuvenation and liposuction body contouring, for more than three decades. My facial rejuvenation surgeries give a nice result with a “non-operated” look. As everyone ages differently, surgery options will vary from person to person. These are examples of surgical choices for facial rejuvenation that will enhance and refresh your appearance: 
Face Lift Surgery
If you feel like your face is “hanging” than a Facelift in Santa Barbara may be a good choice for you. The surgery targets skin laxity in the cheek and neck by repositioning, refining, and supporting deep tissue in the mid facial and jowl area. The skin is also tightened.
Eyelid Lift Surgery
Sagging skin or fat bulges under the eye area may make you look permanently tired or unhappy. Eyelid surgery is available for both the upper and lower lids, depending upon where your “trouble” areas are. People are always amazed at how this surgery “re-opens” their eye area and refreshes their look.
Forehead Surgery
For some people, the relaxation of the forehead tissue can cause a “heaviness” in the upper eyelid. Forehead lift surgery repositions the forehead and brow upward with a result that makes the person look more approachable and happy. The frown muscles are usually partially removed so the ability to frown is still there but the weakness will help to minimize frown lines in the future. 
Neck Surgery
If the neck contour is sagging or has accumulated fat, the neck area can look “old”. Neck Lift surgery in Santa Barbara will re-contour the neck to what it once was. Many patients have felt that their “new” neck actually makes their face look thinner, as if they have lost ten pounds. 
Patient of Dr. Terry J. Perkins: Neck Lift Before-and-After

I am always interested in helping people look their best, whether they are young or in their golden years. For cosmetic surgery with a natural result, contact my Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery office at 805-563-0000 to schedule a consultation. 

Cosmetic Surgery for Men in Santa Barbara

This blog post was written by a staff member of Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released their stats for cosmetic surgeries in 2014. Over 1.6 million cosmetic surgery procedures were done last year. Surprisingly, they also reported that plastic surgery is on the rise for men. There are many reasons to have cosmetic surgery, but in our Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery practice, our male patients vocalize these three reasons the most:

Keeping Young for the Career
Whether a man is in the midst of a highly successful career, re-entering the workforce, or starting in a new field, many have discovered that companies tend to prefer younger men. While most interviewers are prohibited from asking the candidate their age directly, they definitely can infer an age range based on looks. Cosmetic surgery will lessen the appearance of aging and give the person a happy and alert appearance (as opposed to looking tired and/or angry). All of these factors can positively contribute to a person’s career.

Looking Good for His Selfie
Almost everyone – men and women – are on social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more social media accounts are some of the main ways that people meet and/or keep in touch. Sharing pictures – from profile pictures to everyday happenings – is the main focus on many social media accounts. Even LinkedIn, used primarily for business networking, encourages profile pictures of their users. Pictures give people more of a connection, especially if they have not met in person. It is a natural instinct to want to put your best face forward and cosmetic surgery is one way to remove the bags under the eyes, the double chin, or the wrinkles on the forehead so one looks good in real life and in pictures.

Deleting a Decade off Dad
Many dads are highly involved in their kids lives these days and may be “burning the candle at both ends” between working full time and parenting full time. We hear dads say that their busy lifestyle leads to lack of (or less) exercise, questionable nutritional habits, too little sleep, too much worry and/or stress, all of which can accelerate the aging process (along with exposure to the sun’s UV rays and environmental pollution). As the kids get older and begin to be more independent, some of the dads look in the mirror and feel like their father is looking back at them. This is when they may seek cosmetic surgery or a minimally-invasive procedure (like Botox or dermal fillers) to help them look the way they feel – young and full of life. (We know that this paragraph can apply to moms too, but we’re focusing this blog post on dads!)

Some of the more popular facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgeries for men include:

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, we believe that there is not a one-size-fits-all surgery for people who are trying to turn back the clock. Each person’s needs are evaluated and our Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins will work with the patient to form an individualized treatment plan. The result will be a natural, rested, and “non-operated” look. 
Eyelid Lift Surgery by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins.
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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Trends in 2014

The statistics for cosmetic surgery trends in 2014 have been published by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It is always interesting to see what the most popular procedures are!

The top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures in 2014 were:

A few other procedures that are worth noting (as we do them in our Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery office) are:
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A Facelift in Santa Barbara Can Turn Back The Clock

Facelift surgery in Santa Barbara is a great way to take years off your look. Many people who come to see me for a Facelift surgery consultation often express that their “older” appearance is hiding the fact that they still feel young at heart (or sometimes, they are still youthful but their image tells a different story).

While many people may debate over why or when a person ages, there is much less debate about the characteristics of an aging or “mature” face. Some people may have all the characteristics and others may have just a few:
  • Facial and neck skin are loose due to loss of elasticity and muscle tone
  • Wrinkles in the face and neck are deep
  • The lower part of the cheek – the jowls – become heavy and may look like they are “hanging”
  • Chin is less defined and/or the neck area is saggy
  • The overall appearance looks tired
Facelift surgery can address all of the characteristics above to help restore a youthful appearance. When I perform a facelift in Santa Barbara, I address the neck and cheek areas. My goal is to return fullness to the cheeks (mid-facial implants may be necessary to achieve the correct balance), lift the jowls, and smooth the neck. Deep tissue work will provide contouring, support, tightening and will also add longevity to the result.

Facelift surgery is done using a combination of local anesthesia, oral and intravenous sedation to provide relaxation and lack of awareness through the procedure. General anesthesia is not used. Most people return to work 8 to 10 days after the surgery (depending upon job requirements).

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, we specialize in facelift surgery and facial rejuvenation that yields a natural, rested, non-operated look. To schedule an appointment, please call my office at 805-563-0000.

Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon on Plastic Surgery Trends

As a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon I am often asked, “At what age should I get a facelift or a nose job or a necklift?” The answer is that it is different for everyone. Lots of factors play into the decision to get plastic surgery so I treat each patient on a case-by-case basis. However, there are plastic surgery trends that I have observed amongst different age groups and what they tend to gravitate towards. The procedures could either be surgical or non-invasive aesthetic treatments that can be done at a medical spa like Evolutions Medical & Day Spa in Santa Barbara.

20s to early 30s: Popular Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Nose Rhinoplasty by Dr. Terry J. Perkins

Mainly the cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetic treatments that are sought out by young women in their 20s to early 30s are those that address proportions. Young women are interested in having their nose fit nicely within their facial features or having a “womanly” figure. So it is probably no surprise that many of these women seek out rhinoplasty nasal surgery to change the appearance of their nose or breast augmentation to create a fuller figure and/or make the breasts more symmetrical.

Young women also are interested in having clear skin (especially for those who may have suffered from acne in their teens) and the most popular non-invasive procedure is microdermabrasion because it refreshes the skin by improving texture, helps to fade acne scars and sun spots, and encourages growth of healthy, new skin.

Also very popular amongst this age group is Laser Hair Removal. Now that many advanced technologies are offered that very effective in reducing unwanted hair, Laser Hair Removal has grown in popularity to help get rid of unwanted hair and can be done almost anywhere on the body.

Late 30s to 50: Popular Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetic Treatments
Many women who have had children begin to seek out cosmetic surgery to help restore the body that they once had. This usually happens when the woman decides she is done having kids and she has had a chance to get back into her normal exercise routine. Unfortunately exercise alone often cannot bring back the body that a woman had before pregnancy and nursing but cosmetic surgery can tremendously help. Often a “Mommy Makeover” procedure is preferred because it addresses multiple issues. A typical Mommy Makeover includes abdominal liposuction and/or a tummy tuck, breast lift or augmentation, and liposuction of the hips and/or thighs.

Another concern for this group, especially those in the 40s, is slowing down the hands of time and that is why anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox or Dysport and dermal fillers are very popular. Botox and Dysport relax muscles in the forehead area and around the eyes to give a rested appearance while dermal fillers (such as Restylane and Juvederm) fill in crevices and wrinkles to add volume to the face to give a person a more youthful look. These treatments are easily done at a medical spa, yield nice results, have no downtime, and are affordable to most everyone. They can really turn back the clock without surgery.

Age spots and/or sun spots tend to make their appearance in the 40s too. This, coupled with slower cell turnover of the skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, can make a person look much older than they really are. That is why women in this group seek out procedures to improve their skin’s appearance and bring back the glow of their youth. Laser facial treatments, chemical peels, and skin resurfacing (such as Fractional CO2) are treatments that can help to reverse the signs of aging if done at a reputable medical spa or in a cosmetic surgeon’s office.

50s to mid 60s: Popular Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Facelift Surgery by Dr. Terry J. Perkins

Many women in their 50s are still in the workforce and want to look their best both personally and professionally. This is the time when facial cosmetic surgeries are most popular. Eyelid Lift Surgery removes excess skin and repositions the brow to really open up the eyes. You would be surprised how much more alert and approachable a person can look after this surgery. Forehead Lift Surgery is another way to remove the heaviness of the upper eyelids. The forehead frown muscles are also partially removed so the forehead lines are lessened. Facelift Surgery addresses skin laxity in the cheek and neck and gives a person a rejuvenated look.

A non-invasive option that is popular in this age group is skin tightening treatments. These treatments tighten existing collagen, tone and lift the skin. They also can stimulate new collagen production so that the skin looks firmer and fresher.

65+: Popular Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Neck Lift Surgery by Dr. Terry J. Perkins

Mature women – in their mid-60s and up – gravitate towards Neck Lift surgery to reduce sagging and wrinkles in neck area and/or to enhance the cosmetic procedures they have done in the past.

As you can see, there is a cosmetic surgery procedure or aesthetic treatment for almost every decade in your life but this does not mean that you have to have each one done! Also, don’t let these trends dictate when to have procedures done.

As I stated in the beginning, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medical treatments are best done on a case-by-case basis and if you feel strongly about an issue, it is recommended that you discuss your concerns and expectations with your cosmetic surgeon, regardless of what age you are.

If you are interested in discussing a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery procedure, contact my office to schedule a consultation – 805-563-0000. If you are interested in a medical aesthetic procedure, please contact Evolutions Medical & Day Spa in Santa Barbara for a consultation – 805-687-0212. 

Santa Barbara Facelift Surgery by Dr. Terry Perkins

“Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I am shocked at the old person looking back at me.” Does the above statement ring a bell? You’re not alone! Many of us feel young, lighthearted and content, yet our face tells a different story. Aging happens regardless of how much exercise you do or how many green foods you consume (although practicing a healthy lifestyle may help to slow the aging process). Inevitably wrinkles form and become deeper while skin becomes thinner and looks deflated. Your once sharp jawline starts to blend into your neck and your mouth may look permanently downturned when at rest. That is when you look in the mirror and realize that you don’t recognize the person who is looking back. What can be done to recapture your youth?

A Facelift may be the answer! Facelifts are the sixth most popular plastic surgery procedure according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). A facelift restores a youthful, natural appearance by returning fullness to the cheeks, lifting the jowls, and smoothing the neck. A facelift in Santa Barbara by Dr. Perkins involves the cheek and neck area. Dr. Perkins will do deep tissue work that provides support, contouring, tightening and adds longevity to the procedure result. Mid-facial implants might be suggested for some people to add balance and fullness to the cheeks. The saggy, “turkey” neck bands will be sutured to provide a continuous sling of muscle support.

One question that Dr. Perkins gets asked often is “When is the right time to have a facelift?” Obviously this varies by how much a person ages and the condition their skin is in. In general, though, having a facelift earlier may really help delay the aging process later. If you are seeing wrinkles, sagging, and an overall “deflation” in your look, and you are in your 50s, you may want to consider having something done about it instead of waiting ten more years. There are benefits to having a facelift surgery earlier in life which includes faster healing (for most people, the younger they are when having surgery, the easier the recovery) and preserving the structure of your face before it really starts to fall. In addition to this, younger skin has more elasticity. The more elastic your skin is, the longer the results will hold up. Your face will age slower and you will, most likely, look ten or more years younger than you really are.

However, don’t be discouraged if you are in your 60s or older and are considering have a facelift for the first time. Many patients who have a facelift in their senior years are very happy with the result. It’s never too late to turn back the clock.

Dr. Terry J. Perkins is an expert in performing rejuvenating cosmetic surgeries that give a natural, “non-operated” result. For a facelift surgery consultation, call his office at 805-563-0000. 

Social Media Selfies Related to Rise in Plastic Surgery

Are you happy with your “selfie”? Apparently these close-up photos (taken only as far as your own arm’s length) with a mobile phone are spurring an increase in facial plastic surgery. According to a very recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), “one in three facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in requests for procedures due to patients being more self aware of looks in social media”. As a result, the survey noted increases in rhinoplasty (10%), hair transplants (7%) and eyelid surgery (6%) in 2013 over 2012.

Most people who take selfies do so in the interest of immediately sharing them with their friends on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and such. With so many of our interactions being “virtual”, a selfie may be seen by prospective romantic interests, friends and even employers before actually meeting the person in the flesh. That is probably why people want to get their selfie just “right”.

Pictures taken at that close proximity can be like looking at yourself in a magnifying mirror where it is easy to pick at imperfections from acne to large pores to wrinkles to crooked noses and double chins. Some of these issues can be easily corrected – forehead wrinkles can be smoothed with Botox, while other wrinkles can be filled with dermal fillers; acne and large pores can be addressed with proper skin care in combination with professional aesthetic medical treatments (like chemical peels and laser facials).

Structural facial concerns can be addressed with cosmetic plastic surgery such as Rhinoplasty (Nose Job surgery), Chin Surgery with an implant to make the chin/jawline more prominent, or Neck Lift surgery to fix sagging muscle, skin, and fat that may be contributing to a “double” chin. Eyelid surgery can remove sagging skin and bulges under the eye area that may make a person look tired or unhappy while a Facelift can redefine and reposition one’s face, giving them a rested and rejuvenated look.

It is important to note that electing to have plastic surgery should not be made on a whim. Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins likes to educate his patients to help them understand their cosmetic surgery procedure, the recovery time involved, and the realistic outcome of their surgery.

Once the decision has been made to enhance your look through plastic surgery or cosmetic aesthetic services, you will most likely be thrilled with the outcome. As Dr. Perkins has said, “When a person feels they look good, that comes across to everybody they interact with.” Whether it be in real life or in the virtual world, it will surely be a boost to your “selfie”-esteem.

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Santa Barbara Facelift Surgery Can Delay Aging

An emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, including a regular exercise routine and mindful eating practices, has allowed many people to live into their 80s and 90s. As a result, many people feel like the fountain of youth . . . until they look in the mirror. Unfortunately, the aging process is not dictated by how a person “feels”! But there are proactive ways to delay the aging process and one of them is to have a face lift by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins.

A youthful face resembles an upside down triangle, with lots of volume around the eyes and cheekbones. As people approach their 50s and 60s, their skin begins to sag, fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced, and the face shape changes and droops. Often an aging face can make people look sad or upset, even though they are not.

A face lift can restore a youthful appearance by returning fullness to the cheeks, lifting the jowls, and smoothing the neck. Some people may consider mid-facial implants to further add balance and fullness to the cheeks. The deep tissue work of a face lift will provide contouring, support, tightening, and add longevity to the final result thus turning back the clock and slowing the aging process overall.

When Dr. Perkins does a facelift, the incisions are hidden within the natural creases and contours of the ears and hair, so there will be no obvious scarring. General anesthesia is not needed; instead a combination of local anesthesia, oral and IV sedation provides relaxation and lack of awareness through the procedure. Pain is usually minimal, easily controlled by Tylenol or Ibuprofen, and most patients are able to return to work in 8 to 10 days (depending on job requirements).

If you are interested in restoring your youthful appearance – with a natural, “non-operated” look – contact Dr. Perkins at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara at 805-563-0000 for a facelift consultation