Leg and Thigh Liposuction: Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Highlight

We are lucky to have the sun shining and warm temperatures for much of the year in a beach town such as our beautiful Santa Barbara. Given this climate, many of us find ourselves wearing shorts, skirts, or bathing suits for a good portion of the year that ultimately shows off our legs. While some people have fantastic legs – whether it is genetic or hard-earned – many others struggle with the thigh area. In fact, Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins sees many patients who consistently exercise, are within their goal weight, and, yet, cannot shed the extra baggage on their inner or outer thighs (or both). This can be very frustrating!

Fortunately, there is a safe and effective solution to reduce the thigh area and it can be done at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara by Dr. Perkins. The overall goal for thigh liposuction is to decrease the bulkiness of the thighs along with creating a uniform thin fatty layer so your new svelte legs will not have lumps and bumps. Dr. Perkins creates smoothness by doing a crisscross pattern of fat removal during the liposuction procedure. If excess skin removal is necessary, the incision line is done between the upper thigh and groin area where it can easily be hidden by underwear or bathing suits.

Dr. Perkins can also contour the knees, calves, and ankles. This specialty liposuction should not be done by an inexperienced surgeon because these areas are tricky and there is a fine line between maintaining natural contours of the body and removing enough fat.

Dr. Perkins has performing liposuction for over 30 years. View before-and-after thigh liposuction pictures of patients of Dr. Perkins on our cosmetic surgery picture gallery.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Barbara with Dr. Terry Perkins

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins has always made education a priority for himself and his patients.  Throughout his practice, Dr. Perkins is continuously researching and implementing the latest surgical techniques and using the most advanced technology.  Along the same lines, he believes in educating his patients so that they feel comfortable and confident in their decision to have plastic surgery and/or non-invasive treatments like Botox or fillers.

During a cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr. Perkins he will ask you what your main concerns are. Dr. Perkins will then offer his opinion about what may best correct the issue. He firmly believes that there is always more than one way to solve a problem, so he will most likely offer a few options and will help you make an educated decision on what would give you the best result.  Dr. Perkins may also offer solutions that extend beyond the operating room. As the founder and Medical Director of a Santa Barbara medical spa, Evolutions, Dr. Perkins may refer a patient to Evolutions for pre-operative care to prepare the skin for surgery and post-operative care to help expedite the healing process.

Dr. Perkins is a specialist in facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery such as facelifts, rhinoplasty nasal surgery, forehead lifts, eye lift surgery and more.  He also specializes in body sculpting through liposuction and was the first specialist in the Santa Barbara-Ventura area to offer the liposuction surgical procedure.

“Meet” Dr. Perkins in this informative video:

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Santa Barbara Liposuction Highlight: Abdomen (Muffin Top) and Thighs (Saddle Bags)

Is your “muffin top” preventing you from wearing sleek fitting outfits? Do your “saddle bags” keep you from wearing bathing suits or shorts? The worst part about these “bulges”, for many people, is that they are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. No matter what you do, the stomach fat (“muffin top”) and outer thigh fat (“saddle bags”) stay put.

The good news is that these areas can almost always be treated with liposuction. Liposuction done by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins removes the fat evenly so that the patient is left with a thin fat layer instead of a fat bulge. Small incisions are made in areas that are hidden such as the navel, pubic hair or under the bikini line. A mini “tummy tuck” is often sufficient if skin removal is needed to remove the “muffin top”. Skin removal is almost never necessary in the hips.

Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery “Mommy Makeover” Procedures by Dr. Perkins

With the kids are settled back in school, and the holidays are still a few months away, now is a good time to have cosmetic surgery procedures done. Many women have inquired about a “Mommy Makeover” package by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins. Essentially it is a series of cosmetic surgical procedures to help women restore their post-pregnancy body. The “Mommy Makeover” usually consists of a breast lift and/or breast augmentation, abdominal surgery to remove excess skin and/or fat (commonly known as a “tummy tuck”) and/or body sculpting with liposuction.

After childbirth many moms find that they are left with unwanted bulges or excess skin in the areas of the abdomen hips and/or thighs that are very hard to shed, despite intense exercise and a conscientious diet. The weight gain from pregnancy can cause the skin to be overly stretched out which often times can only be corrected through plastic surgery where the skin can be excised and the fat can be removed.

If you are getting a “Mommy Makeover”, you are probably going to get two or more of the following procedures, most likely done at the same time, under general anesthesia:

Tummy Tuck: Excess fat bulges in the abdomen and flanks can sometimes be treated with liposuction alone. If the doctor decides to remove excess abdominal skin, the procedure known as a “tummy tuck”, an incision is made along the upper edge of the pubic hairline. The incision may be as small as a C-section scar, a “mini tummy tuck”, or may be from hip to hip. The doctor may choose to sew together the abdominal muscles that sometimes split during pregnancy to further flatten the abdomen. Whether a person has a “mini” or a regular tummy tuck, plan for plenty of downtime to allow for proper healing.

Breast Lift and/or Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is usually done with silicone or saline implants. This is primarily done to restore volume in the breasts that often become “deflated”, especially in the mothers that nursed their babies. Breast augmentation can also increase the breast size, and this is left to the discretion of the patient. A breast lift can be done, with our without augmentation, to correct sagging breasts. At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, we do not do a breast augmentation with implants. Dr. Perkins does a natural breast augmentation using the patient’s own body fat that was removed through liposuction. The fat that is removed can be strategically placed in the breast area, allowing the doctor to fill in certain spots or to correct unevenness. Sometimes enough fat is obtained, allowing the patient to go up one cup size.

Liposuction of the Hips and Thighs: Not always necessary for all “Mommy Makeover” candidates, liposuction can be done to reduce the circumference of the thighs and the hip area. Liposuction body contouring can also be done in the knees, calves and ankles, but the surgeon must be skilled in this area because over-treatment can result in problems that are difficult to correct. Some moms may take their treatment further and address the stretch marks that developed during their pregnancy, most commonly on the abdomen and the back from the rapidly growing baby. Stretch mark reduction is something that can be done at Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara, utilizing Dr. Perkins’ exclusive Stretch Mark Therapy protocol that yields results.

A “Mommy Makeover” can offer wonderful results but a mother has to be fully prepared for what it entails such as being able to get plenty of rest and down time after the surgery. Women who have gone through the “Mommy Makeover” often feel a great boost in their body-image confidence, resulting not only in a positive effect for themselves, but also for the children that they are caring for.

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Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Consultation with Dr. Terry Perkins

Every consultation with Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins begins with a conversation so that all of your needs are met!

Dr. Terry Perkins performs plastic surgery in his surgical suite in Santa Barbara, California, near to Cottage Hospital. He specializes in face lifts and body contouring through liposuction and is an expert in performing surgeries that leave you looking refreshed “naturally”.

Dr. Perkins has a surgical center and office in Santa Barbara, and serves both Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Perkins by calling 805.563.0000.

Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Slimming Thighs with Liposuction and Plastic Surgery

For many people, thighs are their biggest “problem” area. Thighs are one of the most fat-concentrated areas of the body and even when people are within their goal weight, and physically fit, they may still have extra “baggage” on the inner thighs or outer thighs (“saddlebags”), or both, that they cannot shed. At Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center, we understand that it can be very frustrating.

If one of your goals is to decrease bulk in your thighs, it can be done safely by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Perkins. Liposuction of the thigh area is common, with Dr. Perkins usually doing a crisscross pattern of fat removal that helps assure a smoother end result. If skin removal is necessary, the incision line is done between the groin and upper thigh so it is easily hidden with underwear or bathing suits.

Liposuction contouring of the knees, calves and ankles can also be performed but these are tricky areas as there is a fine line between maintaining natural contours of the body and removing enough fat. This specialty liposuction should not be done by a novice surgeon. Dr. Perkins has been performing liposuction body contouring for over 30 years and some of his thigh lipo before-and-after pictures can be viewed on the Cosmetic Surgery Center website.

Liposuction, Nose Jobs Amongst Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Even in Recession

According to an article today in the Los Angeles Times blog (Health section), the plastic surgery industry is hardly feeling the recession. The LA Times reported that “According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, procedures declined only 2% last year, despite the recession.” Breast augmentation remains the most popular, with liposuction coming in second. And 2009 saw a surge in rhinoplasty – nose jobs increased 74%.

Perhaps there has not been a decline in cosmetic surgery because of the abundance of doctors who offer cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, especially in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. With many doctors offering the same procedures, prices get reduced to undercut the competitors. This makes the procedures more affordable for the patient but, in some situations, it can be more dangerous for the patient.

Before you commit to a plastic surgery procedure, research your physician – it is important that they be well-trained in the operation(s) they perform and that they also keep up with new developments. Ideally you want your surgeon to have an eye for aesthetic contours and to be able to safely achieve improvements so ask to view his/her work, such as a before-and-after picture gallery of previous patients and, if you are still feeling uncertain, request to speak with past patients. Doctors who are reputable plastic or cosmetic surgeons will gladly share their education and expertise with you, sometimes even unsolicited.


Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins shares on his Cosmetic Surgery Center’s FAQs page that he is double board certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and the AAOHNS (facial plastic surgery), specializing in facial plastic surgery (face lifts) that are a “normal-appearing” facial rejuvenation instead of an “operated” look. Dr. Perkins also performs liposuction in Santa Barbara.

If you are one of the population who is interested in cosmetic surgery in Santa Barbara, book a consultation with Dr. Perkins today. Call Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara at 805.563.0000.