A Look at CoolSculpting and Liposuction in Santa Barbara

leg-liposuction-santa-barbaraWe are certainly enjoying beautiful Spring weather in Santa Barbara, California, even though we should be in the middle of winter. With beach or pool outings on the mind, this is one of the most popular times for people to inquire about sculpting their body for the upcoming summer and beyond.
The idea of wearing swim suits, shorts, and skirts, brings many people into my office who are interested in losing inches around their thighs. As a Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, I know that outer and inner thigh fat can be the most stubborn fat on a person’s body. I have seen people who exercise regularly, have a healthy diet, and maintain a normal weight, and still are unable to shed the fat on their inner thighs and/or their outer thigh/hip area (often referred to as “saddlebags”). I recommend Liposuction to improve the contours of the legs (and arms, torso and/or breasts).Recently, I have noticed people inquiring about CoolSculpting – a non-surgical treatment to remove unwanted fat – that is being advertised in town. In light of this, I will share with you information about CoolSculpting and Liposuction.

What is CoolSculpting?
The biggest “draw” to CoolSculpting is that it is done without surgery or downtime for recovery. As the name implies, the procedure freezes fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise. The cold that the cells are subjected to causes an “injury” to the fat cells and encourages apoptosis – death of the cells. As the cells die – which happens over a period of weeks – they are eliminated from the body. People experience tugging, pinching, pulling, and numbness. Following the treatment, as the cells die, there may be more numbness, swelling, bruising, stinging, or pain.

The optimum result is a 20% reduction. Keep in mind that this is not a guarantee. More than 1 treatment may be necessary to see the full 20% reduction and the results may not be seen for 2 to 3 months.

What is Liposuction?
Almost everyone is familiar with Liposuction. It is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits from “problem” areas on the body. If necessary, skin removal can be done during the procedure to remove excess skin that is too loose.

Liposuction is not what it used to be in the “old” days. Many people are surprised to find out that they do not have to go under general anesthesia for the procedure. We use a combination of local anesthesia, oral and intravenous sedation that provides comfort and amnesia throughout the procedure.

Liposuction only needs to be done once and has guaranteed results to improve body contours and proportion dramatically. I feel it is important to stress that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure but instead it is used to improve body contours.

What procedure is right for you?
This depends on how much improvement you are looking for:

  • CoolSculpting may improve contours but the improvement may be minimal and not noticeable to other people.
  • Liposuction is only done once and will give you a dramatic result.
If you are interested in body contouring liposuction in Santa Barbara, I invite you to call my Cosmetic Surgery Center practice (805-563-0000) to schedule a consultation today. 


Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Perkins

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, we don’t have a “one size fits most” plan for our patients. I have been working as a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon for more than three decades and I know firsthand that each patient is unique and treat them accordingly.
When a patient comes in for a consultation, one of my first questions is, “What bothers you?” While I can often spot what they are concerned about, I wait to hear what bothers them the most. I listen, review and clarify (if necessary) what they have told me, and then educate them on their best treatment options.
My speciality is facial rejuvenation through surgery (such as Face Lifts, Forehead Lifts, Eyelid Lifts, Neck Lifts) and through non-invasive procedures (such as dermal fillers and Botox). This allows me to give most patients several treatment choices and we help them formulate the best plan based on their time and budget.
To schedule a consultation, contact my Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery office at (805) 563-0000. 


Improve the Appearance of Lower Eyelids in Santa Barbara

Often your eyes are the first thing another person notices about you. Eyes can convey so many emotions – happiness, sadness, anger, tiredness – without a word being spoken. As we age, the eye area ages too. Whether it’s lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns, stress, sun damage or collagen and elastin decline, our eyes that were once bright and alert may make us look permanently exhausted, unhappy or angry. There are different ways to address eye concerns. This article is dedicated to help for the lower eyelids but there are options for the upper eyelids as well and you can find out more about upper eyelid surgery in our past blog post.

People who want to address the lower eyelid area have usually developed fat bulges, hollows, wrinkles, or dark circles under the eyes. What are the options to rejuvenate this area? Depending upon a person’s situation, they may address under eye issues with Lower Eyelid Surgery or with nonsurgical options such as dermal fillers.

Lower Eyelid Surgery
Persistent under eye bags are best treated with Lower Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty). This surgery will address fat bulges, dark circles, and skin laxity. When a person has excess skin along with fat bulges, a conservative skin removal can be done with the incisions hidden at the lower edge of the lashes. When fat bulges are present with little or no excess skin, the fat is removed through small openings in the inner side of the lower lid. For the right candidate, fat transposition may be done during the surgery which will reposition fat from one area – the “baggy” area – into the “hollow” area under the eye to rebalance the appearance.

General anesthesia is not needed for lower eyelid surgery. Dr. Perkins can perform the surgery under local anesthesia combined with oral sedation alone or together with IV sedation. Pain is usually minimal and easily controlled with over-the-counter Ibuprofen or Tylenol. People usually take one week off work for rest and recovery.

Lower Eyelid Nonsurgical Options
Dermal fillers (such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Perlane) may be used to temporarily fill under-eye hollow areas or depressions creating a smooth contour from the lower eyelid to the cheek. Fillers can last from 6 months to a year or more (depending on the brand used).

Under eye bags may be addressed with Fractional CO2 resurfacing treatment to help smooth the area while encouraging collagen and elastin production.

Whether you are addressing your lower eyelid issues by surgical or nonsurgical means, most people report to Dr. Perkins that they are happy with the end result – a happier, brighter, and more alert appearance that makes others see them in a different light!

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Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins performs eyelid surgery (and other facial rejuvenation surgeries) at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara. Call 805-563-0000 for an appointment. 

Nonsurgical treatments such as fillers and Fractional CO2 can be done at Evolutions Medical & Day Spa in Santa Barbara (805-687-0212). Dr. Perkins is the owner and Medical Director of Evolutions.

Look More Youthful with a Necklift by Dr. Perkins in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins is a facial rejuvenation specialist and will be the first to tell you that continuity in your appearance is the key to maintaing a youthful look. Many people pay close attention to their face – from using physician grade products to having facials and using Botox and fillers to combat signs of aging – but forget the neck area entirely. The neck is made up of delicate skin with fewer oil glands than the face so neglecting this area can cause accelerated aging. A taut, wrinkle-free face can quickly be undermined by a sagging and wrinkly neck and thus reveal your real age.

Before and After Photos of Necklift Surgery
by Dr. Perkins.

For those who feel their neck could be in “better” shape, there are options to repair the muscle and skin laxity to make the neck what it once was. Necklift surgery by Dr. Perkins is usually done with incisions behind the ears and a small one under the chin. The muscles are usually tied to create a sling effect for better support and a suspension suture is often used to give more long-lasting support to the neck. The result is enhanced definition and a more toned appearance. Excess skin may be removed.

If your neck is still in good “shape”, what can you do to keep it that way? Give your neck area the same treatment that you give to your face. When cleansing or using products such as moisturizer, serums, or SPF, don’t stop at the jawline. Feather the product down to the neck and chest area. Since the skin is thinner, antioxidant creams can help along with a daily dose of sunscreen.

Proper care of the neck will help delay the signs of aging. A necklift will restore a youthful appearance to your neck and to your whole appearance as well.

Interested in a necklift or facial rejuvenation? Contact Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara at 805-563-0000 for a consultation with Dr. Terry Perkins. 

Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Forehead Lifts in Santa Barbara

One of the first things that people notice about others is their eyes. Eyes can convey so many messages without anything actually being said. Unfortunately for some of us, as we age, the forehead and brow relax downward, making us look unhappy or less approachable when we actually do not feel that way. Fortunately this problem is easily solvable with a Forehead Lift by Dr. Perkins.

What happens during a forehead lift?
Forehead lift surgery is usually done through three incisions hidden in the hair (the hair does not have to be shaved) that are undetectable. These incisions allow access to the muscles in the forehead that cause frowning. Partial removal of the muscle causes permanent weakening of the muscle while retaining some function for normal expressions. The forehead tissue is shifted upward to the desired position. If there is “hooding” or crowding of the upper eyelids and crow’s feet, then the outer (temporal) forehead areas can be treated as an independent procedure.

General anesthesia is not needed. Local sedation and oral sedation alone, or in combination with intravenous sedation, will provide relaxation and amnesia. Pain after the surgery is usually minimal and controlled with Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

What are the benefits of a forehead lift?
Benefits of a forehead lift surgery include raising the eyebrows to their normal position (which often removes some excess upper eyelid skin), tightening of the temporal area to improve crow’s feet, softening of the frown lines between the eyebrows, and smoothing of the horizontal forehead lines.

Dr. Perkins always takes a conservative approach when performing facial cosmetic surgeries to avoid giving a patient a “surprised” look. Instead, patients of Dr. Perkins are happy with their results because they look natural and well-rested. View more before-and-after forehead lift surgery pictures, performed by Dr. Perkins, here.

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