Leg and Thigh Liposuction in Santa Barbara at Cosmetic Surgery Center

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their own thighs – they either love them or hate them. Some people are genetically “blessed” with slender and/or athletic thighs, others have to work very hard to maintain a svelte thigh while the rest of the population is left with thighs that they’d rather hide than reveal. Many women find that when they gain weight it goes straight to the thighs. It’s often the first place weight gain is seen and, unfortunately, the last place where the weight comes off, if it comes off at all.

Thigh fat is commonly referred to as “saddlebags” and the reason why fat deposits there is due to a combination of genetics, gender and age. As we age, fewer calories are burned and the fat that settles on the thighs is usually thicker in nature, making it all the more difficult to work off. Thigh Liposuction is a good choice for those who are in good shape but are not seeing any improvement in their thigh area despite a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins can treat fat accumulation in the inner and outer thigh area through liposuction. The overall goal is to decrease bulk and create a thin fatty layer that is similar to other body regions. Dr. Perkins usually does a crisscross pattern of removal to help assure a smoother end result. Incisions are hidden in the pubic hair and the buttock creases. In some cases, skin removal is needed for the inner thigh. When this is done, the incision line should lie in the groin and upper thigh area so it is hidden by panties or a bathing suit.

Leg and Thigh Liposuction is often the best solution for eliminating stubborn thigh fat. When this is done successfully, it can make the buttocks look better because it creates a more proportionate look.

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Santa Barbara Liposuction Highlight: Abdomen (Muffin Top) and Thighs (Saddle Bags)

Is your “muffin top” preventing you from wearing sleek fitting outfits? Do your “saddle bags” keep you from wearing bathing suits or shorts? The worst part about these “bulges”, for many people, is that they are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. No matter what you do, the stomach fat (“muffin top”) and outer thigh fat (“saddle bags”) stay put.

The good news is that these areas can almost always be treated with liposuction. Liposuction done by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins removes the fat evenly so that the patient is left with a thin fat layer instead of a fat bulge. Small incisions are made in areas that are hidden such as the navel, pubic hair or under the bikini line. A mini “tummy tuck” is often sufficient if skin removal is needed to remove the “muffin top”. Skin removal is almost never necessary in the hips.

Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Slimming Thighs with Liposuction and Plastic Surgery

For many people, thighs are their biggest “problem” area. Thighs are one of the most fat-concentrated areas of the body and even when people are within their goal weight, and physically fit, they may still have extra “baggage” on the inner thighs or outer thighs (“saddlebags”), or both, that they cannot shed. At Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center, we understand that it can be very frustrating.

If one of your goals is to decrease bulk in your thighs, it can be done safely by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Perkins. Liposuction of the thigh area is common, with Dr. Perkins usually doing a crisscross pattern of fat removal that helps assure a smoother end result. If skin removal is necessary, the incision line is done between the groin and upper thigh so it is easily hidden with underwear or bathing suits.

Liposuction contouring of the knees, calves and ankles can also be performed but these are tricky areas as there is a fine line between maintaining natural contours of the body and removing enough fat. This specialty liposuction should not be done by a novice surgeon. Dr. Perkins has been performing liposuction body contouring for over 30 years and some of his thigh lipo before-and-after pictures can be viewed on the Cosmetic Surgery Center website.