Chin Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Terry J. Perkins

Chin augmentation surgery – also known as a chin lift or chin implant surgery – adjusts the chin “projection” on a person. Many people seeking chin surgery have a “weak” chin that is not in proportion with other features and therefore does not create a well-balanced profile. The “weak” chin may be hereditary, it may be caused by older age (where the jaw line becomes slack and saggy over the years), or, as seen in the last five years, it may be caused by our constant use of technology – smart phones and tablet devices – that always have us looking down. Repeatedly staring down at our phones can shorten the neck muscles and increase the gravitational pull on the jowl area, resulting in saggy jowls and double chins in younger people.

Patient of Dr. Perkins:
Before and After Chin Implant

Whatever the reason is, more people than ever are seeking chin augmentation surgery. When Dr. Perkins performs chin implant surgery in Santa Barbara, he does so with the idea that “no two chins are alike” and therefore he uses a soft-solid alloplastic implant that can be customized to fit the person distinctly. Since the chin provides the balance to all features, he will make sure that the just the right amount of projection complements the nose and the forehead for a balanced profile and a natural looking result. The soft silastic material of the implant is well-tolerated, will not leak, and, if desired, can be removed. Most people do not even notice it there.

Conversely, if you have a chin that is too prominent, Dr. Perkins can remove soft tissue or bone to make it proportionate with the nose and neck.

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