Chin Augmentation: Cosmetic Surgery Highlight

It was reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that chin implant surgery was the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in 2011, up 71%, with over 20,000 people opting for the cosmetic surgery. People seek chin augmentation for different reasons. Chin implant patients are usually looking for more balance within their facial features because they feel their chin looks “weak” in comparison to their nose. Others want to sharpen their jawline which may have weaken or sagged with age. Nowadays, with chin implants on a sudden upswing, there may be more reasons than the above for wanting a “stronger” chin and experts say that may be due to technology.

These days most Americans have a computer in their home and many work with a computer on a daily basis. Computers make video chatting an easy way to conduct personal conversations and business meetings. People are allowed to not only see the person they are chatting with on their monitor but can also view themselves during the conversation. With the prevalence of being able to view one’s own image, not only on video chat but also in all the pictures snapped by friends and family and uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the need to be “camera ready” all the time is steadily rising. Those who seek chin implants often feel that their image on the computer looks unbalanced because of a saggy or double chin, or their features don’t look sharp because of a weak chin.

The other technology culprit people are pointing to is the constant use of smart phones. Constantly staring down at a smart phone, whether reading a text, answering an email message, or playing a game, shortens the neck muscles and increases the gravitational pull on the jowl area which can result in saggy jowls and double chins.

A chin implant can look very “natural” while still achieving a more balanced appearance. Dr. Perkins uses soft-solid alloplastic implants made of a soft silastic material that can be custom cut and shaped, without the possibility of leakage, to make the implant distinctly fit the person it is being used on. The alloplastic implants are well-tolerated and, if ever desired, reversible. Most patients say that pain is mild to moderate and easily controlled with oral medications. The patient will be place on antibiotics to prevent infection.

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