Ear Pinning Surgery in Santa Barbara

Ear Pinning Surgery Patient of Dr. Perkins

Ear pinning surgery – Otoplasty – can improve the shape, position, or proportion of the ears. Many people choose to have their ears “pinned” because they have been teased about how their ears “stick out” prominently or because their ears are overly large. Children, especially, who have ears that protrude or are too big can be subjected to quite a bit of ridicule from their peers. The exciting news about Otoplasty is that you do not have to wait until you are an adult to have the ear pinning surgery done. By the age of 6, ears are about 90% of the size that they will be as an adult which is why this procedure can be done on younger children.

When to consider Otoplasty:

  • If you were born with ears that are too small or too large
  • If your ears protrude prominently 
  • If your ears are disproportionate or are placed oddly
Dr. Perkins at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara has performed many ear pinning surgeries. He is an expert in facial rejuvenation and his treatment will take into account the relationship between the ears to the face and the side of the head. For most people, the total downtime (including the surgery) is one to two weeks. Many clients, especially those who are younger, feel that taking the time to have ear pinning surgery done is worth it in lieu of years of teasing or feeling self-conscious. Otoplasty can offer a true emotional lift in addition to it’s cosmetic benefits. 
Schedule an Otoplasty (ear pinning surgery) consultation with Dr. Perkins by contacting his office at 805-563-0000.
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