Help With Aging Hands: How To Turn Back The Clock

What’s the key to keeping up a youthful appearance? Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins suggests proper skin care with medical grade skin care products, using sunscreen daily, regular aesthetic medical treatments (such as facials, chemical peels, laser treatments) and wrinkle treatments (Botox, dermal fillers) along with routinely exercising and eating well. If you’re already doing all of the above, wonderful! Are you taking the same care of your hands too? 
Hands can be a dead give away to what your “real” age is! In fact, hands tend to age faster than your face because the skin is thinner and they are usually subjected to more sun exposure over the years. So when the collagen and elastin start to break down on the back of your hands – due to a combination of aging and environmental exposure – the aging process happens rapidly. Aged hands lack plumpness and instead appear sunken with tendons and veins showing through the thin skin. Often “liver” spots (brown spots) appear too. If this has already happened to you, don’t fret, there are ways to reverse this aging. 
Dr. Perkins would treat pigment changes with the Q-switched 532 laser. The Q-switched laser works quickly and effectively to address brown spots.  Lost volume in the hands can be treated with fat grafting or through the use of a dermal filler like Radiesse (this will last for a year or more). Fat grafting is preferred over fillers as the results are more long-lasting (in terms of many years) and there is usually plenty of grafting material (the fat) to work with. Visit the Cosmetic Surgery Santa Barbara website for before-and-after pictures of hand rejuvenation
If your hands look good, and you want them to slow the aging process, here are a few tips:
  • Start your regimen now, even if your hands show no sign of aging! Once the signs of aging starts, it will happen fast, and you may be too late. 
  • Protect them from the sun. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen daily and don’t forget to reapply. Hand washing and hand sanitizers will make the sunscreen less effective. Choose a sunscreen that provides a physical block – look for ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Wear gloves when driving, especially if going long distances and/or in intense sun.
  • Keep your mitts moisturized! Use a thick hand cream at night to replace lost moisture. Minimize contact with water by using gloves when washing dishes and replace some hand washing with hand sanitizer. For extra dry skin, treat yourself to a paraffin wax treatment (often accompanied with a manicure or with an Evolutions’ Signature Facial!). 
  • Ask for advice. If you see the beginning of thinning skin or hyper pigmentation, ask a professional about special creams such as tretinoin (also known as Retin-A) that may help boost collagen production and address brown spots. There are also physician grade products for the face that could be used on the hands as well. 
Taking charge of your hand treatment now will help their appearance for many years to come! 
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If you are interested in hand rejuvenation using fat grafting or dermal fillers, call Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara (805-563-0000) to schedule an appointment with Dr. Perkins

If you are interested in learning more about physician grade skin care products, stop by Evolutions Medical & Day Spa in Santa Barbara (805-687-0212). 
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