Look More Youthful with a Necklift by Dr. Perkins in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins is a facial rejuvenation specialist and will be the first to tell you that continuity in your appearance is the key to maintaing a youthful look. Many people pay close attention to their face – from using physician grade products to having facials and using Botox and fillers to combat signs of aging – but forget the neck area entirely. The neck is made up of delicate skin with fewer oil glands than the face so neglecting this area can cause accelerated aging. A taut, wrinkle-free face can quickly be undermined by a sagging and wrinkly neck and thus reveal your real age.

Before and After Photos of Necklift Surgery
by Dr. Perkins.

For those who feel their neck could be in “better” shape, there are options to repair the muscle and skin laxity to make the neck what it once was. Necklift surgery by Dr. Perkins is usually done with incisions behind the ears and a small one under the chin. The muscles are usually tied to create a sling effect for better support and a suspension suture is often used to give more long-lasting support to the neck. The result is enhanced definition and a more toned appearance. Excess skin may be removed.

If your neck is still in good “shape”, what can you do to keep it that way? Give your neck area the same treatment that you give to your face. When cleansing or using products such as moisturizer, serums, or SPF, don’t stop at the jawline. Feather the product down to the neck and chest area. Since the skin is thinner, antioxidant creams can help along with a daily dose of sunscreen.

Proper care of the neck will help delay the signs of aging. A necklift will restore a youthful appearance to your neck and to your whole appearance as well.

Interested in a necklift or facial rejuvenation? Contact Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara at 805-563-0000 for a consultation with Dr. Terry Perkins. 

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