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Submentoplasty (Minimally Invasive “Neck Lift”)

Neck (submentum) – The submental area (under your chin) will often develop bands of excess skin and “stringy” muscles as we age.  A submentoplasty is less extensive than a neck lift and is especially good for men who are starting to see a “turkey neck”.  Dr. Perkins sews muscle bands together and removes extra skin to re-contour the neck and positively change the appearance and profile.

Submental and/or lower face liposuction is another way to contour the area under the chin.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Submentoplasty

A submentoplasty is a minimally invasive “neck lift.”  Using small incisions, excess skin underneath the chin is tightened and removed, prominent muscle bands (platysma bands) are sewn in the midline (if needed), and excess fat is removed.  The goal is to re-contour the neck to make you look younger (and thinner).

A visibly tighter, younger-looking A sagging neck can make people look both older and heavier than they actually are.  A submentoplasty can help resculpt the chin, jawline, and neck, resulting in a visibly tighter, younger-looking neck.  Most clients feel they look both younger and thinner after the procedure. 

After the procedure, a compression dressing is applied to reduce swelling and improve healing.  At a one-week follow-up appointment, sutures will be removed. Most people can start to resume normal activities after that time.

A Submentoplasty is typically done with a local anesthetic and oral sedation, so it is a relatively easy procedure for most people to go through.

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