Natural Breast Augmentation in Santa Barbara

Breast augmentation can be done through fat transfer which uses a person’s own fat to enlarge the breast area up to one cup size. This is a great option for women who are hesitant to use implants for breast augmentation but want to re-fill sagging breasts (that often happen as a result of nursing or with age).

Dr. Perkins has been performing natural breast augmentation, usually with a breast lift, in Santa Barbara for many years. The fat is collected through liposuction from the person’s abdominal and/or leg areas and, in the same surgery, Dr. Perkins uses the fat to fill the breast area. A large benefit to using fat is that it allows Dr. Perkins to choose specific areas of where to place it so he can correct unevenness much more precisely than an implant can. 
Using a person’s own fat for breast augmentation eliminates side effects that implants can have. For example, there is no risk of capsular contracture (when the body’s immune system attacks the implant and collagen fibers squeeze and surround the implant making it distorted) and no rippling of the skin. Also, there is no worry about having to replace the implants in an additional surgery down the road (as it is suggested that implants should be replaced after 10 to 15 years). Natural breast augmentation is a safe and effective way to enhance your breast size and is less invasive than an implant surgery. 
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