Natural Face Lift by Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins of Santa Barbara

Dr. Terry J. Perkins of Cosmetic Surgery Center, with locations in Santa Barbara and Oxnard, specializes in aesthetic and facial surgery. Dr. Perkins prides himself on giving his patients a natural, “non-operated” look.

Normally people seeking a face lift are addressing issues such as skin laxity in the cheek and neck. Dr. Perkins repositions, refines and supports deep tissues to tighten the skin.

A full face lift may not be the option for you – and if that his the case, there are other minimally and non-invasive options available such as:

Cheek/Neck lift: Done through small incisions with a shorter healing time; however results typically do not last as long

Total Tightening: An exclusive protocol created by Dr. Perkins, these are two top non-invasive skin tightening procedures on the market today and performed at his medi-spa, Evolutions.

If you are thinking about a face lift or a less invasive facial procedure, we encourage you to come in for a consultation. Dr. Perkins will answer all of your questions and outline your options. Visit the Cosmetic Surgery Center website for Before-and-After face lift pictures!
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