Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery: Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center Reviews Both Terms

People often use the term “plastic Surgery” to address any sort of non-medically-needed surgical enhancement. Some people even think that plastic surgery refers only to breast enhancements and face lifts. Plastic surgery covers a much broader scope than larger breasts and rejuvenated faces!

“Plastic” is derived from the word “plastikos” (Greek origin) meaning to mold or to shape – not to be confused with the polymer material plastic. In the “old days” though, and perhaps even now, people thought that surgeons actually put something “plastic” into the body.

According to Wikipedia, “Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. While famous for aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery also includes a variety of fields such as craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, burn surgery, microsurgery, and reconstructive surgery.”

Cosmetic surgery, a branch of plastic surgery, deals almost purely in aesthetics. It is a surgery that is more related to form than function. Usually not medically-necessary, cosmetic surgery often has a great impact on self-esteem and self image.

Dr. Terry Perkins
from Cosmetic Surgery Center Medical Group in Santa Barbara is a dedicated cosmetic surgeon. He believes that helping someone feel better about themselves has an impact in the world we live in. When someone is happy and content, these feelings shine through to others whether it be in the form of casual interactions to intense relationships.

Dr. Perkins offers a variety of cosmetic surgeries ranging from non-invasive to full fledged surgical procedures such as face lifts or focusing on a specific part of the face such as rhinoplasty (nose), chin, neck, eye, forehead or ear surgeries. He also does body contouring through liposuction and tummy tucks. Using a combination of the most advanced technology and surgical techniques, Dr. Perkins is an expert in performing surgeries resulting in a natural, rested, “non-operated” look.

Cosmetic Surgery Center Medical Group has offices in Santa Barbara and Oxnard.

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