The goal of facial rejuvenation is to improve patient concerns while maintaining/creating a natural (or un-operated) appearance.  These procedures can all be done comfortably and safely using local anesthesia combined with oral/intravenous sedation.

Cosmetic Surgery Center patients will enjoy the added benefits of discounted preoperative skin preparation and products as well as postoperative treatment to speed healing at Evolutions Medical Spa, the Tri-counties’ premier medical spa.


The purpose of body procedures is to improve contours of the arms, legs, torso and breasts by removing areas of excess fat and skin or adding fat to areas where it is needed. Liposuction can be used to remove fat from beneath the skin using small incisions.  It is a body contouring and not a weight loss procedure.

These can now be done comfortably and more safely using local anesthesia combined with oral/intravenous sedation. As with the facial procedures, Cosmetic Surgery Center patients benefit from post-operative treatment at Evolutions Medical Spa to speed healing and improve the results.  Furthermore, other skin treatments can usually be done at a reduced rate for several months after your surgery.