Leg and Thigh Liposuction

Fat accumulation in the inner and outer (saddlebag area) thighs can almost always be treated with liposuction.  The incisions are hidden in the pubic hair and in the buttock creases.  The goals of decreased bulk and a uniform thin fatty layer are similar to other body regions.  However, in these areas it is usually possible to do a crisscross pattern of removal that helps assure a smoother end result.  In some cases skin removal is needed for the inner thigh.  When this is done the incision line should lie in the groin and upper thigh so it is hidden when you are wearing panties or a bathing suit.

Liposuction contouring in the knees, calves and ankles is a procedure that is not for novice surgeons.  In these areas the amount of excess fat is usually small and the fat removal needs to be precise and conservative, while leaving a normal appearing shape that blends naturally into the surrounding contours.  Over-treatment can result in problems that are difficult to correct.