Liposuction in Santa Barbara

Liposuction is a way of removing/contouring the fat beneath the skin using a small tube (called a cannula) that is inserted through a small skin incision.  Since the fatty tissue is softer and not attached as firmly as the skin, muscle, nerves and blood vessels, it can be selectively removed without injuring the other tissues.  It should be stressed that liposuction is a body contouring and not a weight loss procedure.  It is most often used as a stand-alone treatment to shape a body area, but can be used in conjunction with skin removal.

After performing liposuction for many years using general anesthesia we have now refined our techniques to be able to perform all of the procedures comfortably and more safely using local anesthesia plus sedation.  This includes even those procedures requiring skin removal in the arms, inner thighs and lower abdomen.  This avoids the post operative nausea and vomiting often seen after general anesthesia.  In fact, most patients will actually assist in dressing themselves to go home after surgery!

In recent months there has been increasing interest in using lasers to dissolve fat before it is removed with the suction.  This may prove to have a place in treating small areas or in re-treating an area that has had surgery in the past.  However, despite all of the marketing, laser-assisted liposuction is probably not going to replace traditional liposuction for those who need larger volumes removed.

Liposuction in Santa Barbara

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