Rhinoplasty in Santa Barbara

The latest news in cosmetic surgery from around the world is the duty-free nose job that is now available in South Korea, Asia’s plastic surgery “capital”. Visitors from other countries who get rhinoplasty in South Korea will receive a refund on the value-added taxes (VAT) that are assessed to the foreigners who have the surgery. This is being done to help boost tourism in South Korea and to generate business for the more than 4,000 plastic surgery clinics there. While you could go to South Korea for a nose job, know that there are many other “destination” cities for plastic surgery and my hometown of Santa Barbara is one of the most popular.

As a cosmetic surgeon in Santa Barbara, I have many patients that come from the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas to have cosmetic procedures done such as facial rejuvenation (facelifts, neck lifts, and much more) and body contouring liposuction. Destination cosmetic surgeries are popular for two reasons: it allows people to use their recuperation time as a mini-vacation and, for those wishing to keep their surgery private, the chances of running into friends or family is slim. Since this post is about rhinoplasty (also known as nose surgery, nasal surgery, or a “nose job”), I will tell you a bit more about what you can expect from the surgery – and how you can plan for it if you are making it a destination surgery.

Most people have rhinoplasty to change the appearance of their nose. Nasal surgery can refine a bulbous tip, straighten a crooked nose, narrow a wide nose, and/or remove an unwanted bump. Noses can grow and change all the way through the teen years so the earliest time that I recommend to have surgery is the late teens and any time in adulthood.

General anesthesia is not needed for rhinoplasty. A combination of local anesthesia, oral and intravenous sedation will keep the patient comfortable and unaware. This eliminates the “hangover” of general anesthesia and makes the person feel more like themselves during the first few days post-op. Most people take about 2 weeks off for the recovery and are able to return to work between 7 and 10 days. The majority of the swelling subsides within the first two months, but it usually takes about 1 year for results to be fully realized.

If you would like to have rhinoplasty in Santa Barbara (or another facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery procedure), it is important to factor in travel time including extra days for the consultation and post-op visits. There are many things to see and do in our seaside town, so you may also want to consider booking extra time to enjoy some of the festivals, museums, dining and wine tasting, and waterfront activities that Santa Barbara has to offer. More information is available on our Guide for Out-of-Town Patients.

All of my clients who have made Santa Barbara their “destination” surgery city have been extremely pleased with the easy-going vibe of our town, the close proximity of our surgical center and medical office to the hotels, and the beautiful surroundings. They have returned home feeling truly rejuvenated both inside and out!

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery in Santa Barbara, contact my Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center office – at 805.563.0000.

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