Santa Barbara Facelift: Cosmetic Surgery Highlight

If you feel that skin laxity in the cheek and neck are bringing you down (literally and figuratively), then a facelift surgery by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins may be a good option for you.  A facelift is comprised of a cheek and neck lift and it can restore a youthful appearance by returning fullness to the cheeks, lifting the jowls and smoothing the neck.  For some people, mid-facial implants may be a further possibility to add balance and fullness to the cheeks.

What happens during a facelift? 
Dr. Perkins will reposition, refine, tighten, and support deep tissue in the midfacial and jowl area to rejuvenate your appearance.  The “turkey” neck bands will be sutured to provide a continuous sling of muscle support and a suspension suture is often place beneath the jawline for additional long-term benefit. The result will be a natural, rested appearance with an improvement in facial contours and tightened skin.

Does the facelift have to be done under general anesthesia?
At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara a facelift does not need to be done under general anesthesia. A combination of local anesthesia, oral and intravenous sedation will provide relaxation and lack of awareness throughout the procedure.

Will the facelift leave visible scars?
A facelift by Dr. Perkins will not leave visible scars. The incisions are carefully hidden within the natural creases and contours of the ears and hair (and the hair does not need to be shaved).

What is the recovery time for a facelift?
An elastic support is worn for approximately 5 days after the surgery and pain is usually minimal and can be controlled with an over-the-counter medicine (ibuprofen or Tylenol). Most people return to work after 8 to 10 days depending upon the type of work a person does. Exercise will be gradually increased, as tolerated, through the first few weeks as healing progresses.  Make-up may be worn at 5 to 7 days. Coloring hair should be avoided for 4 weeks.

Below is a before-and-after picture of a facelift by Dr. Perkins:

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