Before and After Cosmetic Surgery Pictures in Santa Barbara

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Terry Perkins has done hundreds of plastic surgery procedures in Santa Barbara. Some of the surgeries are subtle changes that make a BIG difference in the overall appearance of the person. We’ve recently added more pictures to our Before-and-After Picture Gallery and wanted to highlight some of them so that you can experience the changes yourself.

Submentoplasty / Neck Lift:

The goal of a Neck Lift is to re-contour the tissue underneath the chin and near the midline of the neck to remo
ve sagging tissue (“turkey gobblers”). Submentoplasty may
include excision of fat, tightening of the muscle banding, liposuction and, occasionally, skin removal. In a neck lift, the face is not worked on, but often clients say that the tightening of the neck area results in a more youthful appearance overall and, for some, makes them look like they have lost weight.
Fat Grafting to the Hands:

A face may look youthful, but often the hands may show a person’s “true” age. Over the years, the fullness found in younger hands diminish and what is left looks bony, veiny, and even spotted with sun damage. Fat can be grafted into the hands to re-create the lost fullness. Sun damage (“liver spots”) can be treated at Evolutions Medical Spa to help reduce or remove the spots altogether.
Rhinoplasty / Nose Surgery:

Nose surgery can be done to help appearance or breathing function. Dr. Perkins specializes in cosmetic surgery that results in a natural appearance, so most changes that Dr. Perkins makes during a Rhinoplasty procedure are subtle, altering the bone and/or soft tissue to allow the nose to have a more ideal relationship within a person’s face.
Forehead Lift Surgery:

Heaviness on the upper lids is caused by the relaxation of the forehead tissue. When this happens, the eyes can look smaller, tired and give the person an overall unpleasant look. A Forehead Lift repositions the forehead and brow. It is done through three small, undetectable incisions in the hairline and the frown muscles are usually partially removed (50 to 60%) so a person can still have the ability to frown, but it will be weaker. This helps to minimize from lines in the future. The result is a smoother, lifted forehead that opens up the eyes and makes the person look more approachable.

Dr. Perkins performs body contouring through liposuction to various areas of the body: the hips and/or thighs, the arms, the abdomen and/or flanks and the neck area. Although treatment of the inner and outer thigh area is not a huge job, it does make a big difference in appearance for many people. Many women carry the bulk of their fat in the thigh area (often hereditary) and find the thighs to be resistant to change, no matter how much, or what, exercise is done. Slender thighs can slenderize the overall appearance of a woman’s body and we often hear that it makes them feel much more comfortable in a bathing suit.
Dr. Perkins has been practicing cosmetic surgery in Santa Barbara for over 30 years. Call Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara at 805.563.0000 to schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation with him today.

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