lateral oral commissure transposition flap

Corner Mouth Lift

When the corners of your mouth droop downwards, it looks like you are permanently giving a sad or stern expression.  This can be caused by genetics, gravity, or both, so the effect is seen in both younger and older clients.  The corner mouth lift (technically called a “lateral oral commissure transposition flap” procedure) can reposition the corners of the mouth upward to make you look happier.  The procedure also helps those who have problems with saliva making the corners of the mouth wet and irritated. 

A Corner Mouth Lift is done using only a small incision that is minimally visible after healing has been completed.  A small piece of skin is transposed, which allows the downturned areas to return to a natural position. 

Frequently Asked Questions About A Corner Mouth Lift

A Corner Mouth Lift corrects the frowning and/or sad appearance that is caused when the corner of the mouth droops downwards. 

This procedure can literally turn your frown upside down!  The treatment is relatively simple, done with local anesthesia, and the result is permanent.   

Though there may be some swelling and bruising associated with the procedure, most clients are able to resume most normal activities the day after the service is done.  Sutures are removed after a week, and most swelling and bruising will resolve in the same timeframe.

A Corner Mouth Lift can be performed with a local anesthetic and light oral sedation. Pain is usually minimal and is easily controlled with Tylenol or Ibuprofen.