Chemabrasion Skin Resurfacing in Santa Barbara

Fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, “liver” spots (skin discoloration), and saggy skin are all factors that can affect a person’s appearance. While there are aesthetic procedures and physician-grade skin care products that can help alleviate the above issues, the process may take a long time and the results may not be as dramatic as one would hope for. Since I have been a cosmetic surgeon in Santa Barbara for more than three decades, I have seen and worked with many products and aesthetic procedures dedicated to skin resurfacing and the procedure that gives the most optimum result is Chemabrasion.

Chemabrasion Patient “Before” and “After” of Dr. Terry J. Perkins
Chemabrasion is a skin resurfacing treatment that combines a light to moderate dermabrasion (not to be confused with microdermabrasion) with a medium depth chemical peel. This procedure is done in the operating room, but general anesthesia is not required. Instead we use local anesthesia in addition to oral sedation alone or in combination with intravenous sedation. This is sufficient for comfort, relaxation, and unawareness. 
Most people take 7 to 10 days off from work after the procedure. To maximize the benefit of the chemabrasion, post-procedure wound care is an important aspect of the healing process. The skin must be kept clean and well-hydrated to prevent crust formation. Some people experience an initial pinkness to their skin which will gradually lessen in 1 to 2 months. Mineral make-up may be started 8 to 10 days after the procedure. 
The results are noticeable. Wrinkles may be decreased by 70% to 80% and acne scars see about a 50% or greater improvement. It is an ideal procedure to treat skin irregularities, facial wrinkles, acne pits, photo damage, facial scars, pre-cancerous lesions, and early skin cancers. 
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