Cosmetic Neck Lift Surgery and Chin Implant Surgery Can Take the “Weight” Off a Person’s Face

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins treats each patient on a case by case basis. When a person comes in for a plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Perkins takes the time to evaluate each person’s facial structure and listen to their “wants” so he can best meet their needs.

Most patients, who are not affiliated with the plastic surgery industry, come in and assume that a full face lift is the answer to relieving a “heaviness” in the face. More often patients are surprised to find out that a full face lift is not necessarily the answer to achieving their goals.

For example, when patients come in and express feelings about how their face looks “too full” and lacks “angles” Dr. Perkins may suggest a neck lift surgery, not a face lift. As a person ages, and depending upon their genetic make up, the neck area can sag and accumulate fat. Neck lift surgery involves three small incisions, two behind the ears and one in the chin area, and often muscles are tied to make a “sling” effect to better support the area. Patients are amazed at how different their face looks and often find that people think they have lost weight.
Another option, dependent upon the person’s facial structure, for someone who wants more “definition” to their face is chin implant surgery. A “weak” chin can cause facial imbalance making features are not as “sharp”. Chin implant surgery involves placing an implant, available in different sizes to best suit the person, in a pocket that is made in the muscle of the chin area. As with neck lift surgery, chin implant surgery can have a dramatic effect on the face, “balancing” their features so they develop more “definition”.

Dr. Perkins has been performing aesthetic cosmetic surgery in Santa Barbara for more than 30 years and has an expert eye for determining the type of facial rejuvenation a person may need. His cosmetic surgeries give patients a rested, “non-operated” look.

Dr. Perkins sees patients at his Santa Barbara medical office (Cosmetic Surgery Center) near to Cottage Hospital. Call 805.563.0000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perkins.

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