Cosmetic Surgery for Couples

Aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgeries were once only done by movie stars and wealthy individuals. Nowadays, with the affordability and availability of non-invasive cosmetic treatments like Botox and dermal fillers, many women are able to have these treatments done to help them refresh their look, “turning back the clock” so to speak, making cosmetic procedures more status quo. Cosmetic surgeries, such as eyelid lifts, face lifts and rhinoplasty (nose jobs), have also become more popular amongst the general public for those who have wanted to fix an imperfection or erase the permanent look of tiredness that can happen as we age.

As more women embrace procedures such as Botox and cosmetic surgery, the stigma once associated with these procedures has fallen to the wayside, and we are learning that men, too, are seeking out cosmetic procedures whether it be to fix an imperfection or to make them look younger for an increasingly competitive job market.

Now we are finding that some couples are seeking the fountain of youth through cosmetic surgery. A recent segment on the Today Show highlight a couple who had received non-invasive treatments together and said that it is also not uncommon for couples to undergo cosmetic surgeries together as well. Having surgery in the same time period can be a bonding time for spouses – a time that they can support each other, recuperate together and reclaim their youth – together!
Watch the video below to see the entire segment from the Today Show:

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