Cosmetic Surgery Spending Back on the Upswing

Recently published article in the Los Angeles Times about cosmetic surgery spending mirrors a blog post we wrote in April about how Cosmetic Surgery Center’s owner, Dr. Perkins, sees clients continuing to invest in themselves in hard economic times.

The article featured patients who had chosen to get cosmetic treatments and procedures such as a laser face lift. It also cited that many people are interested in chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing because they are less invasive and lower cost. In fact, the article stated that in 2008 there was a “5% increase in minimally invasive procedures” such as Botox, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, or fillers such as Restylane.
At Cosmetic Surgery Center’s Santa Barbara office, Dr. Perkins performs facial enhancement procedures such as face lifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasty and body contouring through liposuction. He also does minimally invasive procedures such as Botox, Dysport and fillers. Call 805.563.0000 for a consultation.



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