Liposuction, Nose Jobs Amongst Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Even in Recession

According to an article today in the Los Angeles Times blog (Health section), the plastic surgery industry is hardly feeling the recession. The LA Times reported that “According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, procedures declined only 2% last year, despite the recession.” Breast augmentation remains the most popular, with liposuction coming in second. And 2009 saw a surge in rhinoplasty – nose jobs increased 74%.

Perhaps there has not been a decline in cosmetic surgery because of the abundance of doctors who offer cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, especially in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. With many doctors offering the same procedures, prices get reduced to undercut the competitors. This makes the procedures more affordable for the patient but, in some situations, it can be more dangerous for the patient.
Before you commit to a plastic surgery procedure, research your physician – it is important that they be well-trained in the operation(s) they perform and that they also keep up with new developments. Ideally you want your surgeon to have an eye for aesthetic contours and to be able to safely achieve improvements so ask to view his/her work, such as a before-and-after picture gallery of previous patients and, if you are still feeling uncertain, request to speak with past patients. Doctors who are reputable plastic or cosmetic surgeons will gladly share their education and expertise with you, sometimes even unsolicited.


Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins shares on his Cosmetic Surgery Center’s FAQs page that he is double board certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and the AAOHNS (facial plastic surgery), specializing in facial plastic surgery (face lifts) that are a “normal-appearing” facial rejuvenation instead of an “operated” look. Dr. Perkins also performs liposuction in Santa Barbara.

If you are one of the population who is interested in cosmetic surgery in Santa Barbara, book a consultation with Dr. Perkins today. Call Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara at 805.563.0000.

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