Minimally invasive (MI) surgery is intended to give patients noticeable improvement with less cost and “downtime” as well as smaller or no visible incisions. Done with light sedation and local anesthesia, these procedures are ideal for patients with early changes or those who want to “maintain” the benefit of previous surgery.

Medical spa clients are ideal candidates for these procedures as they usually want to delay a larger surgery. They are often times money ahead doing one MI procedure as opposed to multiple spa treatments. MI treatments can address the forehead, eyebrows and temporal region, the lower eyelids, cheeks and mid-face, the area under the chin (submentum), hands and body contour defects.

Temporal Lift – When your eyebrows begin to droop you start to look sad, tired or unhappy. The temporal brow lift elevates the outer half of the brows and improves crow’s feet. By “opening up” your eyes you look more approachable without looking “overdone”. The lift is done through a 1/4” incision that is hidden in the hair.

MI Cheek Lift – Cheeks sag with age and also lose volume as they become flatter and “longer”. A MI cheek lift uses incisions hidden in the hair by the upper ear. Deep supporting tissue is tightened and a small amount of skin is removed. You may also add volume to the mid-face, nasolabial folds and pre-jowel area through injections of your own fat taken from a place you want to have less of a fat bulge to further enhance your results.

Lower Eyelids – Your lower eyelids show their age with fat bulges, excess skin and deepening “hollows” that make you look tired. A small “pinch” of extra skin can be removed without undermining leaving a minimal scar hidden by the lashes. Fat can be removed from inside the lower lid so there are no sutures or external scars. Injectable fillers or your own fat transfer will fill the darkened grooves between your eyes and your cheeks leaving you looking rested and younger.

Fat Transplantation – Fat grafting can also improve age-related volume deficits almost anywhere on the face or body. Once the fat has been obtained, the remainder of the procedure is similar to that of injectable fillers.

Face – Fat can be placed in the brows, temporal hollows, under the frown lines, deep circles around the eyes, apples of the cheeks, the high cheekbone region, the groove between the nose and the corner of the mouth (nasolabial folds), lips, the pre-jowel area (marionette lines) and the angle of the jaw.

Hands – Your hands give away your age for 2 reasons: fat loss (which causes the blood vessels and tendons to look more prominent) and pigment spots.

Rejuvenation of all the areas listed above can be achieved with fat transplantation which has a side benefit of improving the overlying skin because of growth factors, stem cells and cytokines in the transferred fat.

Neck (submentum) – Your submental area (under your chin) will often develop bands of excess skin and “stringy” muscles as we age. A submentoplasty is less extensive than a neck lift and is especially good for men who are starting to see a “turkey neck”. We sew muscle bands together and remove extra skin to re-contour the neck and positively change the appearance and profile.

Submental liposuction is another way to contour the area under the chin as well as neck by using a small tube to remove excess fat and “sculpt” the tissues so your neck looks like it did many years ago.

Today we have many options available to improve our appearance. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of MI procedures versus more extensive surgical treatments.