Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Perkins talks about Cosmetic Surgery and Young Adults, Heidi Montag, and Multiple Cosmetic Procedures Done at Once

Dr. Terry Perkins, cosmetic surgeon in Santa Barbara for over 30 years, answers questions from his readers and clients. If you have a questions about plastic surgery, send Dr. Perkins an email with “Ask the Cosmetic Surgeon” in the subject line.

Q: Hi Dr. Perkins. Everywhere I turn, I am being bombarded with pictures and news clips of Heidi Montag, the 23-year old who is famous for being on a reality tv show, and now even more well-known for having 10 cosmetic procedures done at the same time. I’ve seen before-and-after pictures of Heidi Montag and she does look like a different person. The show Good Morning America interviewed Heidi Montag and her face looked like it wasn’t moving! What do you think about someone so young having plastic surgery? And how do you feel about 10 cosmetic procedures at once?

A: I have noticed that Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery is certainly making news. While she is on the younger side for having cosmetic surgery, it is not that unusual. Many young women have gotten breast augmentation and/or rhinoplasty, however we just don’t hear about it because they are not in the public eye. Since Heidi is only about 10 weeks out of surgery, her face may still be swollen and stiff. With time, her face will “settle” more and may look more natural.
These days many younger adults are seeking cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures, like Botox to reduce their wrinkles. Perhaps this is happening more than in decades past because it is much more affordable and there are many more doctors specializing in cosmetic and plastic surgery than before. On that note, I do stress that it is important to thoroughly research the doctor you plan to use. With the rise in popularity of cosmetic surgeries, some of the doctors may not be properly trained and may not be board certified.

Ten cosmetic procedures may sound like a lot, but assuming that Heidi is young and in great health, she may have opted to do everything at once so she would not have to go under general anesthesia multiple times. Electing to have procedures done one at a time or all at once is a decision that should be made between the patient and the doctor and varies from person to person. Some of the procedures that Heidi had done could have been done without general anesthesia, like Botox in her forehead for wrinkle treatment, and liposuction. At Cosmetic Surgery Center, we try to do most liposuction procedures with the combination of local anesthesia and oral sedation. I’ve blogged about anesthesia and liposuction before and you can read the entire post here.
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