Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon on Sagging Neckline Advice

In our culture, a swan like neck is the symbol of youth. The skin is taut, smooth, and firm. As we approach our 40s and 50s, the well-defined jawline and neck may blur together as the skin becomes thin, crepe-y, and saggy. The area under the chin may become “wobbly” and fine lines and wrinkles may also appear in the neck area. At my Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery practice, we treat all stages of neckline aging. I will share with you tips on slowing down the aging process as well as treatments (non-invasive and surgical) that are effective in turning back the clock.

Taking Care of Your Neck
In speaking with my patients about skin care and reading articles on the subject, I have found that the neck area is often neglected. This is ironic because the neck is usually exposed to the sun’s UV rays and environmental pollutants just as much as the face is (unless you are someone who wears turtlenecks and scarves year round). In fact, the neck skin tends to be more delicate than facial skin and so care of the neck area should be done daily. Treat your neckline as an extension of your face and feather down your cleanser, anti-aging serums, and moisturizer. More aggressive products like Tretinoin (“Retin A”) or products containing retinol may irritate your neck skin so use them sparingly and watch for signs of irritation (such as redness or peeling). The best thing that you can do for the neck area (and chest) is to apply an SPF 30+ sunscreen daily and re-apply if you are outside for a long time, have been swimming, or have been sweating excessively.

Early Aging Neck Product
If you have noticed that your neck skin seems just a bit less taut, one product that I highly recommend is Nectifirm. This neck-specific cream is formulated with special peptides, plant extracts, and anti-oxidants that address the changes in your neck as you age. The skin will look firmer and more lifted and can reduce the appearance of rough, crepe-y skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Nectifirm is available at Evolutions Medical and Day Spa in Santa Barbara.

Non-Invasive Neck Skin Tightening
A non-invasive skin tightening neck treatment can be ideal on many levels. There is little to no downtime, it can be more cost efficient, and it gives a nice result. I have developed Total Tightening which is a protocol combining two superior non-invasive skin tightening technologies (ReFirme and Titan) that can give the neckline a firmer look. Results are cumulative, so a treatment series is recommended (usually 4 treatments, about 4 to 6 weeks apart). Total Tightening is a great way to address skin laxity without needles or surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery

Before and After Pictures of Neck Lift Surgery
by Dr. Terry J. Perkins

If your neckline has really succumbed to gravity and/or has fat accumulation that is causing a “wobble”, then Neck Lift Surgery may be your best option. This surgery creates a new “support” for your neck by tying the muscles under the skin to help create a “sling effect”. Incisions are hidden behind the ears and a small one under the chin.

My Neck Lift patients express great satisfaction with the outcome of their surgery. An added bonus is that the removal of excess skin and fat can change the shape of their face – no longer looking “bottom” heavy – their face looks thinner and gives the appearance of weight loss.

If you are interested in discussing neck lift surgery or other alternatives, feel free to contact my office for a consultation.

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