Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Highlight: Chin Augmentation with Rhinoplasty

When people think of facial cosmetic surgery, they are usually envisioning face lifts and nose jobs (rhinoplasty), not chin augmentation. Perhaps it is because most people believe that a face lift or nose job surgery has the most impact in improving an appearance. While we agree that having a face lift or rhinoplasty can enhance a face, chin augmentation should not be dismissed.

People who are looking to balance their profile by refining their nose (whether it is reducing a bump, defining a bridge, or narrowing the tip) should also consider their chin and it’s overall affect on their profile. In fact, it is the neck, chin, and nose that work together to make an “aesthetically proportionate” face. So if a person has a nose job to reduce a bump and straighten a nose, but they still have a “weak” chin, then the likelihood of reaching the best aesthetic result is less than if they had augmented the chin as well.  Likewise, if the chin is too big, a person’s profile can also be disproportionate. 
How can a chin be augmented? For a “weak” chin, a small implant can be added that fits the point of the jaw. Dr. Perkins will use a soft-solid alloplastic implant so that it can be customized to distinctly fit the person it is being used on. The soft silastic material of the implant is well-tolerated, will not leak, and, if desired, can be removed. For a prominent chin, bone or soft tissue can be removed to make it proportionate with the nose and the neck. 
If you decide to have both a chin augmentation and rhinoplasty, it can be done simultaneously. You may save money (one procedure instead of two) and will only have one recovery time.
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