Cosmetic Surgery For Men: New Trends

Today’s emphasis on appearance is at an all time high for both men and women. Many interactions – friendship, matchmaking, or professional – are conducted online, where a “profile picture” is a must and snapshots can easily be uploaded by oneself or friends on a daily basis. This, coupled with a competitive job market in a tight economy, is thought to be the catalyst for the rise in men seeking cosmetic surgery.

Much to many people’s relief, the male plastic surgery trend is not that of yesteryear where extreme face lifts left some patients with exaggerated expressions or a “wind-tunnel” look. Today’s men are seeking cosmetic surgery that will give them more facial definition, either to enhance features or create a more balanced appearance between features, and an end result that looks natural.

For example, instead of having drastic rhinoplasty that would noticeably reduce a big nose, a man may opt for a slight refinement of the nose (by shaving down the bone and cartilage) along with adding a chin implant to create a better balance between the two features. Men in their 30s and 40s are seeking a more subtle approach to cosmetic surgery with procedures that target specific concerns as opposed to having the entire face done.  One popular procedure is the neck lift because it brings out a more defined jawline and can give the man a more youthful look. If the neck skin is extra loose, which can happen even if the man is in shape, removing the excess skin and tightening the neckline may make him look like he has lost weight in addition to giving his face a more defined look.

Men who have had cosmetic surgery say they enjoy looking refreshed and even a few years younger without looking like they’ve had work “done”. A renewal of appearance often translates to higher self-confidence which can have an impact on many factors including work performance, friendships, relationships, and even “profile pictures”.

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