Liposuction May Benefit Health, Study Finds

People may opt for liposuction to better their aesthetic appearance, but recent findings show that they may also be improving their internal body. An article in the LA Times on Friday suggests that liposuction has additional benefits that may help to improve cardiovascular health.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Swanson from Leawood, Kansas, conducted a study of 229 people that found that those who started out with triglycerides and had liposuction saw a 43% reduction in triglycerides three months after the liposuction procedure. Those who had normal levels saw no difference.
In addition to that, he also found that white blood cell counts fell 11% after liposuction. White blood cells are linked to inflammation in the body and associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. It is unknown whether the lower triglyceride levels will remain. The article also noted that the reduction in triglyceride levels from liposuction is twice the reduction that people who are taking cholesterol-lowering medications usually get.
At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara we always stress that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but is a body sculpting procedure. Liposuction, with or without skin excision, can be done for those places in your body where stubborn fat persists, especially after a dedication to healthy eating and a steady exercise program.
Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins has been performing body-sculpting liposuction in Santa Barbara for many years and has refined the technique so that it can be done comfortably with local anesthesia plus sedation instead of under general anesthesia. This makes the recovery time for patients faster as they do not experience an anesthesia “hangover” the days following the procedure.

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