Natural Breast Augmentation in Santa Barbara

Some women who are interested in breast augmentation are weary of the risk that implants bring. While many people tolerate implants with no problem, others may experience infection and/or capsular contracture (when the immune system attacks the implant and makes it distorted) or a number of other issues that implant surgery may cause. The other consideration for those having breast implants is that they will have to face another surgery down the road (about 10 to 15 years later) when the implants need to be switched out. An alternative to breast implants is breast augmentation using the woman’s own fat.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, our natural breast augmentation procedure does not involve implants. Instead we use the patient’s own fat to create fuller breasts (usually we can go up one cup size). The fat is obtained through liposuction from the abdominal and/or leg areas. The liposuction and re-distribution of the fat is all done in the same surgery. The benefit to using fat is that I am able to choose specific areas to deposit the fat and, by doing so, can correct any unevenness much more precisely than an implant can.

If you are interested in natural breast augmentation in Santa Barbara contact my Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center office at (805) 563-0000 to schedule a consultation.

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