Santa Barbara Botox Users – Take the Dysport Challenge and Save!

Did you know that Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins was part of a select group of doctors who were chosen to conduct a study for the use of Botox as an anti-wrinkle treatment? This was more than 10 years ago and that study lead to the FDA-approval of Botox Cosmetic to treat wrinkles.

Since then, Dr. Perkins has been using Botox on patients at his Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center practice as well as at Evolutions Medical Spa for years. No other anti-wrinkle treatment compared . . . until the introduction of Dysport last year! Dysport just became FDA-approved (although it’s been used since the 1990s in Europe) and Dr. Perkins admits that now there is finally a real alternative to Botox.

Medicis Aesthetics, the distributor of Dysport, feels so strongly that you will like Dysport, that they are offering the Dysport Challenge. If you are a current Santa Barbara Botox user, or have been wanting to try Botox or Dysport, now is the time to try it and save $150!

Details of the Dysport Challenge:
  • Have a Dysport treatment of at least 35 units. Register at, download a Rebate Form, and mail in the completed form with itemized receipt within 14 days (no postmarks accepted after June 14, 2010). You will be mailed a $75 Rebate Check from Medicis Aesthetics, Inc.
  • Within 15-30 days after the Dysport treatment, return to and vote LOVE IT! and receive another $75 rebate after you next Dysport treatment or vote LEAVE IT! and receive a $75 rebate after you next Botox treatment.
  • Come back to see Dr. Perkins for your next Dysport or Botox treatment after three months (before October 1, 2010). Mail in your second rebate form and itemized receipt within 14 days and receive your second $75 rebate check (no postmarks accepted after October 14, 2010).
Schedule your Santa Barbara Dysport treatment today with Dr. Perkins at Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara. 805.563.0000.

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