January Surgical Highlight: Santa Barbara Liposuction for Stomach and Flanks (aka “Muffin Top” & “Saddlebags”)

Are you plagued by “muffin top” – the unwanted bulge over the waist band of your pants? Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Perkins can help you get rid of it through liposuction.

“Bulges” in the stomach and flanks can almost always be treated with liposuction. It is important to remove the fat evenly so that you are left with a uniform thin fat layer instead of the fat bulge. The small incisions are usually hidden in the navel, pubic hair or under the bikini line.

When skin removal is needed, a “mini tummy tuck” is often sufficient. This excision is done so the scar will lie at the upper edge of the pubic hair. It can be extended as far to the sides as is required to avoid a “dog ear” pooch of skin. If this is done, the abdominal muscles are usually sewn together in order to further flatten the lower abdomen. Skin removal is almost never necessary in the hips. Patients who are good candidates for this procedure are typically extremely happy with results.

Read more information on Liposuction and see more Before and After liposuction pictures of several of Dr. Perkins’ actual patients on the Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara website.

For a liposuction consultation with Dr. Perkins, call Cosmetic Surgery Center at 805.563.0000.

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