Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon Discusses “The Beauty Advantage”

Last week Newsweek published an article titled “The Beauty Advantage” that discussed how “in today’s economy, looking good is no longer something we can dismiss as frivolous or vain” and “how beauty can affect your job, your career, your life”.

Putting your best face forward (pun intended!), in past generations, has most often been associated with youth. As generations grew older, they embraced the term “grow old gracefully” by not dying their grey hair and referring to their crows feet wrinkles as “laugh lines”. As the Newsweek article illustrates, this is not so much the case anymore for older people. Seeking beauty treatments may not just be out of vanity, but may also be a necessity to keeping, or finding, employment these days.

The article goes on to point out there is a “beauty premium” in today’s working world. Prettier people do better – “handsome men earn, on average, 5 percent more (good-looking women earn 4 percent more)” and that in the current down-turned economy, “employers have more hiring options than ever” and looks “aren’t just important; they’re critical”. Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins validates this in a Press Release in 2009 about how clients see plastic surgery as an investment in themselves.
This is very likely why we have seen an influx in so many people seeking plastic surgery (such as facelifts) or other non-invasive cosmetic enhancements like Botox – to smooth out wrinkles – or dermal fillers – to plump lips, rise cheekbones and restore an overall youthful appearance on a face that has succumbed to gravity and age.
Whether a person is seeking cosmetic surgery for vanity reasons or to simply get ahead in the workforce, Dr. Perkins always encourages prospective patients to research their options and find a surgeon who will listen to their needs. After all, you don’t want your appearance to look “done”, just naturally beautiful!
Dr. Perkins has been practicing plastic surgery in Santa Barbarafacial rejuvenation and liposuction – for over 30 years. He is an expert in performing surgeries that have a natural-looking, non-operated result. Call his Cosmetic Surgery Center office at 805.563.0000 for a liposuction or facelift consultation.

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