Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Perkins Helps People to Look Their Best . . . Naturally

There has been an interesting article circulating this week from Newsweek called “The Beauty Advantagewhich discusses how external beauty has become more emphasized by society. The article claims that the looks of a person can impact a person’s status, wealth and more. During the course of the article, the author points out examples of how beauty does, in fact, play a role in the work place – and can be the determining factor in which candidate gets the job or the promotion. The author concludes with “Beauty has more influence than ever—not just over who we work with, but whether we work at all.”

The Newsweek article reinforces a press release from April 2009 in which Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins addressed that, even in a slowing economy, people are still spending money on cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures to upkeep their aesthetic appearances. In his 30 years of practicing plastic surgery in Santa Barbara, Dr. Terry Perkins has witnessed how a patient’s self-confidence can soar after an aesthetic procedure is done – whether it is something as simple as Botox to relax their wrinkles or a full facial rejuvenation through a face lift.

Many people desire work done by Dr. Perkins because he specializes in a more natural, “non-operated” look to enhance a person’s natural beauty. Patients experience superb results due to the fact that he takes the time to educate his patients and gives them the opportunity to make an informed decision with him about their treatment plan. Dr. Perkins also offers excellent pre-operative skin preparation and post-operative treatment to speed healing through Evolutions Medical Spa (of which he is the founder).
Whether you are entering a new career, leaving an old one, or simply are tired of looking at bags under your eyes or wrinkles on your forehead, cosmetic surgery may be an option for you. And Dr. Perkins can certainly help you put your best face forward!

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