Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon and Founder of Leading Medical Spa Offers Most Comprehensive Suite of Aesthetic Options

Read a recent press release about Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins, who has a medical spa and cosmetic surgery practice in the same town, and how the businesses provide a full spectrum of cosmetic treatments to enhance appearance.

Dr. Terry Perkins, a Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, has been practicing aesthetic surgeries – facial plastic surgery and liposuction – at his Cosmetic Surgery Center practice for more than three decades. During this time he began providing non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as chemical peels, laser facials, Botox and dermal fillers in the office of his practice. Realizing that not everyone enjoys visiting a doctor’s office for non-invasive and elective treatments, Dr. Perkins decided that he would expand those services to a medical spa located in the same town as his practice. He opened Evolutions Medical Spa almost five years ago and has discovered that his practice and the medical spa are perfect complements to each other.

Both businesses keep Dr. Perkins busy dividing his time between treating patients at Cosmetic Surgery Center, performing surgeries in his surgical suite and seeing patients at Evolutions Medical Spa each week. He plays an active management role in both businesses, a unique prospect these days where many medical spas are run with little medical supervision or without an appropriately qualified physician.

Dr. Perkins adds, “Interacting with patients from both businesses has provided a unique opportunity to crossover patients from one business to another. Those that have seen me at the medical spa for non-invasive treatments have become cosmetic surgery patients and those that have received cosmetic surgery have been treated at the spa for pre-operative and post-operative care and returned for other skin care concerns”.

Offering the most advanced surgical techniques and innovative skin care treatments has kept Dr. Perkins and his businesses at the top of their game. He has been voted Best Cosmetic Surgeon for the past three years by the Santa Barbara NewsPress Readers Choice Awards and Evolutions has been voted Best Medical Spa for the past four years. Accolades and awards, however, only go so far in the cosmetic surgery industry.

What makes Dr. Perkins successful is how his two businesses go hand-in-hand to insure superior results for clients. Dr. Perkins sends his cosmetic surgery patients to Evolutions Medical Spa for pre-operative skin care prep and for post-operative care to accelerate healing. Many of his cosmetic surgery patients continue their skin care at Evolutions – whether it is for facials, medical grade chemical peels, or Botox – to maintain their cosmetic surgery results, stretching their return on investment and having access to Dr. Perkins should a need arise. Being a patient of Dr. Perkins is a great choice. Between Cosmetic Surgery Center and Evolutions Medical Spa, he makes it easy for clients to enhance their appearance, from cosmetic surgery to skin care and everything in between.

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