Teen Plastic Surgery: Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins Weighs In

Cosmetic Surgery Center’s Dr. Terry Perkins was recently featured in a Santa Barbara NewsPress article looking at teen plastic surgery throughout the nation and in Santa Barbara. The article quotes teen plastic surgery statistics from The American Society of Plastic Surgery and the numbers may be higher than you expect. In 2005, more than 333,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients 18 and younger, as opposed to almost ten years prior (1996) where only a scant 14,000 teens had a cosmetic procedure done. Surgeries included nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), ear pinning (otoplasty), breast enlargement, liposuction, chin augmentation and tummy tucks.

It seems, however, that the consensus between Dr. Perkins and a few other Santa Barbara plastic surgeons interviewed in the article, is that there has not been a noticeable spike in Santa Barbara teens seeking plastic surgery. Dr. Perkins and another surgeon also take a more conservative approach when addressing teens seeking plastic surgery. As for Dr. Perkins, a patient’s “emotional maturity is a top priority” as well as a realistic sense of what surgery entails and that results are not guaranteed.

Dr. Perkins, who does not perform breast augmentation with implants (see a previous post on how Dr. Perkins can do “natural breast augmentation”) does do a handful of cosmetic surgeries on teens (and sometimes younger) including correcting protruding ears and nose re-shaping:

Otoplasty (ear surgery): Also known as ear pinning, or an ear tuck, involves re-shaping or repositioning the tissue so there is symmetry as well as a more normal relationship of the ear to the face and the side of the head. Dr. Perkins can also treat earlobes that are too big by removing the “extra” tissue through hidden incisions.

Rhinoplasty (nasal surgery): Also known as a nose job or nose re-shaping, can be done to help either appearance or breathing function. Dr. Perkins can alter the bone, the cartilage, and soft tissue under the skin to create a more ideal relationship among the parts. Dr. Perkins can also address a deviated septum, which often causes breathing difficulties.

Read the entire Santa Barbara NewsPress article on teen plastic surgery here.

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