Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

Cosmetic surgery procedures, such as face lifts and liposuction, are considered elective surgeries. Unlike emergency surgery that is done out of medical necessity, an elective surgery allows a patient the luxury of time, enabling them to schedule the surgery at a desired time, research the type of procedures they want to have done, and select a cosmetic surgeon that will help them best achieve their desired result. For most patients, this last step is the most crucial.

With more than 30 years of cosmetic surgery experience, Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins knows that patients seek doctors that they know and trust. A doctor who will listen to a patient’s concerns, provide consistent care for them from pre-op to post-op, educate them on their options, and perform a surgery with an excellent result is what every cosmetic surgery patient deserves to have. The question is, with so many cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the Santa Barbara area alone, how do you know which doctor to pick?

We always recommend going for a consultation to meet the doctor before scheduling any procedure. This is your opportunity to “interview” the doctor, see cosmetic surgery before-and-after pictures of his/her previous work, and get a feel for how the doctor interacts with you in general. You may even ask the doctor for referrals to speak with current or former patients. Keep in mind that the doctor will give you referrals of patients who have loved his/her work and usually not patients who may have been dissatisfied. To find reviews that are unbiased, search for the doctor online and peruse the reviews that people have posted on reputable places such as the doctor’s Google+ business listing. It is important to know that these reviews cannot be altered by the doctor and you will find that many people are very candid about what they liked and/or did not like about the cosmetic surgeon and their procedure(s).

Dr. Perkins cosmetic surgery reviews on Google are all positive and this is a nice reflection of how he runs his surgical practice. He strives to know every patient so that he can meet their individual needs and provide them with the best surgical outcome. Dr. Perkins and the staff at Cosmetic Surgery Center are very grateful for the positive testimonials that people have written and we wish to thank them for their support!

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