Ask Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Perkins: Vitamin B Skin Care

Dr. Terry Perkins answers questions from clients about cosmetic surgery procedures and skin care. If you have a question for Dr. Perkins, please email him with “Ask the Cosmetic Surgeon” in the subject line. 

Q: Hi Dr. Perkins, I keep seeing skin care products that have Vitamin B in them and have recently read a few articles in beauty magazines that boast about the benefits that Vitamin B can have on skin. Is Vitamin B really that great for the skin? And if so, what products do you recommend? Thanks! Theresa, Santa Barbara

A: Hi Theresa, you have posed a great question. I agree that there has been a lot of press about vitamin B products lately. Vitamin B in skin care products is often referred to as niacin and that specifically refers to B3. To answer your question, yes, niacin does have the potential to rejuvenate your skin but there is a caveat. Most of the products on the market, that are not medical grade, probably do not contain enough vitamin B to be effective in changing your skin.

In my opinion, the best niacin skin care products on the market today are NIA24. These products contain a patented molecule called Pro-Niacin that penetrates the skin to deliver niacin directly to the cells, energizing them and encouraging normal cell turnover. It also protects and repairs the DNA in the skin cells that became de-normalized due to aging and UV sun damage. Also, Pro-niacin stimulates the release of the hormone leptin, a natural repair hormone, that improves skin tensile strength.

What sets NIA24 apart from the other niacin containing products is that they have developed a MicroNutrient Delivery system that allows the beneficial ingredients to penetrate the epidermis in a slow, continuous release, allowing the molecule to bio-convert to its working form and providing your skin with its protective powers 24 hours a day.  I’ve added an image in from the NIA24 website to better illustrate this concept:

NIA24 is good for sun-damaged, rosacea, hyper-pigmented, and allergic skin. It is fragrance, color-free, dye-free, and non-comedogenic. While we carry select NIA24 products at Cosmetic Surgery CenterEvolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara has a more robust selection. Call them at 805-687-0212 or visit them downtown to purchase your NIA24 products. 

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