Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon Talks About Getting Rid of Unwanted Pigmentation

With summer winding down, we’ve had a lot of our Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center clients inquiring about how to get rid of excess pigmentation (often referred to as sun spots, “liver” spots, or hyperpigmentation) that have resulted from sun overexposure and/or the fluctuation of hormones that happen as we age. Clients want to know how they can combat unwanted pigmentation on their own, using at home skin care products, and also how we can help them in the medical office.

The good news is that there are lots of options! The better news is that you can learn about these options at the educational event, Brightening and Tightening, this Wednesday, September 26th, that is hosted by Evolutions Medical Spa, where Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins (the founder and Medical Director of Evolutions) will be speaking about skin rejuvenation options that are non-surgical and have a great success rate.

Some of the evening’s event will be dedicated to skin tightening (through such revolutionary treatments as Total Tightening which combines the top two non-invasive skin tightening procedures into one highly effective treatment) the other part of the evening will be dedicated to skin lightening where Dr. Perkins will speak about a variety of medical grade products and professional treatments that can control excessive pigmentation and help create a more uniform tone to your skin. While not giving away Dr. Perkins’ entire presentation, we will give you a sneak peek on what you may hear about:

  • The FotoFacial RF™ is one of the safest and most effective intense pulsed light (IPL)-based treatments for excessive pigmentation that is available today. Don’t mistake it for a “PhotoFacial” offered by other doctors’ offices because the FotoFacial RF™ is a trademarked procedure that was co-developed by a dermatologist (Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.) and a plastic surgeon (Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland) that brings together the best of aesthetic dermatologic skin care and cosmetic plastic surgery into one non-invasive treatment. Clients love the FotoFacial RF™ because many achieve a noticeable and consistent degree of improvement after completing a series.
  • Obagi Medical Products are high quality medical products that are sold only to physicians. Obagi has multiple lines for many skin concerns such as acne and rosacea, but their signature Nu-Derm System is truly transformative. It is often advertised as “anti-aging” whereby it replaces old damaged skin cells (that cause premature aging) with healthy new cells and along the way it also corrects photodamage such as age spots, sallowness in the complexion, and discoloration (or hyperpigmentation). It is a system that takes dedication and time, but the end result is all worth it!
Sometimes clients like to start small before diving into a bigger commitment such as a FotoFacial series or the Obagi Nu-Derm system and they ask Dr. Perkins what he recommends. In this case, Dr. Perkins’ number one recommendation is to stay out of the sun and use sun protection year round, and his next recommendation, for those seeking some reprieve from sun damage or pigmentation issues, is consistent use of an AFA Exfoliating Gel.  
The AFA Exfoliating Gel is powered by acidified amino acid and is good for treating sun damaged skin, overly pigmented skin, and acne-prone skin. It stimulates new cell growth, which makes skin appear “younger”, by removing the outer layer of dead cells while restoring the natural moisture-retaining amino acid system of the epidermis. AFA’s break down to monocanic acid, a natural UV filter, that helps the skin better protect itself from harmful UV light. To top it off, AFA gel provides a stable antioxidation to establish a healthy skin environment.
AFA Exfoliating Gel comes in different strengths, making it suitable for all skin types and does not cause a great amount of dryness (if any) or irritation that can be associated with other exfoliating products. Use it daily, or three to five times per week, on freshly cleansed skin (underneath your sunscreen or make up) depending on your skin. Being on an AFA Exfoliating Gel will provide your skin with the immediate benefits of fresher, healthier skin cells and is also be a great way to prep the skin for more aggressive treatments such as the FotoFacial RF™
The FotoFacial RF™, Obagi skin care products, and AFA Exfoliating Gel products are all available at Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara
If you would like to attend the educational event at Evolutions Medical Spa on Wednesday, September 26th, please call Evolutions at 805-687-0212 to reserve your seat today. There is no charge to attend the event. Light refreshments, a raffle, and promotional pricing will be available to all attendees. 

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