Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon on How a Simple Neck Lift Will Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

One popular cosmetic surgery procedure that Dr. Terry Perkins performs in his Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center practice is minimally invasive, with long lasting effects and often can dramatically change a person’s face. It happens to be a neck lift.


The neck lift is a procedure that can help correct sagging skin and fat accumulation in the neck area – often referred to as a “double chin”. The neck lift is usually done using incisions behind the ears and a small one under the chin. Muscles are often tied to help create a “sling effect” for better support. A suspension suture is often used to give more long-lasting support to the neck. A neck lift has minimal downtown and satisfying results.
A neck lift not only redefines the chin area, it often gives a whole new look to a person’s face. Now that the excess skin is removed, their face no longer appears bottom heavy and Dr. Perkins reports that his patients who have undergone a neck lift often hear from people that they look like they have lost weight!
Many people believe that a neck lift may be something they will have to do “later” in life. Not at all true – Dr. Perkins sees patients, women and men, young and old for this procedure. People who have a “double chin” are not necessarily older and overweight. Many younger people have acquired it simply from genetics. The good news is that you can have a neck lift at any age.

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