Today! Wednesday, September 23rd: Education at Evolutions Featuring Chemical Peels

Cosmetic Surgery Center’s Dr. Terry Perkins is also the medical director and founder of Santa Barbara’s Evolutions Medical Spa. Tonight Evolutions is hosting an Education at Evolutions Event on Chemical Peels!

Dr. Perkins will be speaking about the peels available at Evolutions, as well as, answering some frequently asked questions, including:
  • What do chemical peels feel like?
  • How can peels help my acne? Age Spots? Pores?
  • Can peels be combined with laser treatments?
  • I have good skin, do I still need a peel?
Event information:

Evolutions Medical Spa “Education at Evolutions featuring Chemical Peels”1309 State Street, Santa Barbara
(Today!) Wednesday, September 23, 2009
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Event includes a raffle item, refreshments and a discount for attendees ONLY!

RSVP to Evolutions at 687.0212

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