A Facelift in Santa Barbara Can Turn Back The Clock

Facelift surgery in Santa Barbara is a great way to take years off your look. Many people who come to see me for a Facelift surgery consultation often express that their “older” appearance is hiding the fact that they still feel young at heart (or sometimes, they are still youthful but their image tells a different story).

While many people may debate over why or when a person ages, there is much less debate about the characteristics of an aging or “mature” face. Some people may have all the characteristics and others may have just a few:
  • Facial and neck skin are loose due to loss of elasticity and muscle tone
  • Wrinkles in the face and neck are deep
  • The lower part of the cheek – the jowls – become heavy and may look like they are “hanging”
  • Chin is less defined and/or the neck area is saggy
  • The overall appearance looks tired
Facelift surgery can address all of the characteristics above to help restore a youthful appearance. When I perform a facelift in Santa Barbara, I address the neck and cheek areas. My goal is to return fullness to the cheeks (mid-facial implants may be necessary to achieve the correct balance), lift the jowls, and smooth the neck. Deep tissue work will provide contouring, support, tightening and will also add longevity to the result.

Facelift surgery is done using a combination of local anesthesia, oral and intravenous sedation to provide relaxation and lack of awareness through the procedure. General anesthesia is not used. Most people return to work 8 to 10 days after the surgery (depending upon job requirements).

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, we specialize in facelift surgery and facial rejuvenation that yields a natural, rested, non-operated look. To schedule an appointment, please call my office at 805-563-0000.

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