Ask Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Perkins – Skin Tightening and Lightening Without Surgery

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins, owner of Santa Barbara’s Cosmetic Surgery Center Medical Group, answers questions about cosmetic surgery, liposuction and more. Email your questions to Dr. Perkins with “Question for the Cosmetic Surgeon” in the subject line and we will feature your question on our blog.

Q: Hi Dr. Perkins, I have received an email from Evolutions Medical Spa that is featuring an event about skin tightening without surgery. I have heard your name associated with the spa and I’d like to know how you are involved with the spa and what the event is about.

A. Great topic! I founded Santa Barbara’s Evolutions Medical Spa as a place for people to be treated for non-invasive medical aesthetic services in a spa setting that is serene and luxurious. I work closely with the nurses and medical estheticians to bring clients the most innovative treatments combined with the best technology for a variety of skin types and concerns including wrinkles, acne, sun damage, cellulite, hair removal, and stretch marks. I have a hands-on approach with Evolutions, including seeing patients on site weekly and personally training the staff.

Evolutions hosts educational events that are free and open to the public on a topic chosen by me and my staff. I give a presentation and, if applicable, a live demonstration, that is followed by a discussion period where we encourage the audience to ask questions and learn more about the topic. It is our belief that educating the client with information and facts enables them to make an active decision in their skin care. In addition, we usually have a raffle and specials that attendees are eligible for.

Education at Evolutions topic this month is about skin Tightening and Lightening and is taking place tomorrow – Wednesday, October 28th! We will discuss how you can achieve facial rejuvenation without surgery. I look forward to seeing everyone at the event and more information about it follows:
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Refreshments, Raffle, Specials for Attendees!

Please RSVP to Evolutions at 805.687.0212

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