Chin Augmentation in Santa Barbara

chin-augmentation-santa-barbaraWhen you first meet someone, you may notice the person’s eyes or nose, but rarely will you notice the chin. Although the chin gets less attention than other facial features, it plays a big role within a person’s face by creating balance amongst the forehead, eyes, and nose. For those who have a chin that is within proportions, the chin may never be an issue but for those who have a “weak” chin – meaning that it is less prominent or under-projected – it may detract from the face by making the neck and nose appear larger than they are.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, we can resolve a weak chin through plastic surgery. Chin Augmentation is a surgery that uses an implant to give the chin more definition. The soft silastic material can be custom cut and shaped, without leakage, so the result will look natural for each individual. The implant is place in a pocket under the muscle so it is stable and can be removed at a later date, if desired. The implant is well-tolerated and most patients say that they even forget the implant is there.

If a chin is too big, it can be reduced by removing soft tissue or bone.

Before and After Photos of Chin Augmentation by Dr. Terry J. Perkins

Chin Augmentation helps to balance the features and profile. I have heard patients who have had chin augmentation say that the change in their face and profile makes them look like they have lost ten pounds!

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